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Wir werden ein weiteres Bündel von Kisten auflaufen lassen und werden das senden morgen (Dienstag) wieder aufnehmen.

Meine anfänglichen Funde sind, dass es einen Error in der Datenbank gegeben hat, die glaubte sie sei unter einer DoS Attacke und begann die Anforderungen abzulehnen, also brauche ich Zeit um das Problem zu adressieren.

- Tiger

Es war ein klasse Test und wir hatten viel weniger Probleme als in der ersten Runde am Anfang der Beta. Zumindest bis die Firewall mürrisch geworden ist lol.

Open Beta begins very soon, so I wanted to make sure that you understand exactly what to expect from this phase. Unlike Closed Launch, where our goal was to test functionality, Open Beta is test stability.

We still want your feedback! Don't presume that our door is closed to feedback because we have left closed beta. The Wonderful World of Meeroos is not a program that will ever be "Done." There is a tremendous amount of content coming, storylines that unfold and a history to be revealed about the Meeroos, much achieved through gameplay.

I know you've all been waiting for this so pay close attention!

We will only have 1 product available for preorder. That is the Meeroo family Pack- The Meeroo Family pack, which is the largest and most complete pack that will be available includes the following.

6 Meeroo Nests
4 Weeks of Meeroo Food
2 Stumps (Each with 8 capacity)
1 Wonderful World Of Meeroos HUD (Which will be copyable and transferrable!)
1 Special Gift exclusive to Preorders!
3 Day Head Start (You get your pack 3 days prior to launch!)

PRICE = $L 5100

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Big Sale! No Foolin!!

Show your excitement for Meeroos in RL in our online store!

Coupon Code: AprilFools10%
Discount: 10% off the base price! No Minimum!

Coupon Code: AprilFools20%
Discount: 20% off subtotal of $50+

Coupon Code: AprilFools35%
Discount: 35% off subtotals of $100+
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READ - Much to Report

I know everyone's been waiting to find out what's been going on so here is the latest and greatest headlines!

1. We're in the final stretch with Closed Beta, it will conclude this week.

2. Pre-Orders for the Meeroos will commence in the first part of April. You will be able to reserve your Meeroo Family Pack" and receive it three days before they go on sale.

Our closed Beta has moved along at lightspeed, and has only revealed minor issues that required resolve. Overall, our development team is beyond thrilled at the progress and strength of the Meeroos system! Our closed Beta testers have been simply amazing, and have participated in a series of tasks in order to test the Meeroos in different scenarios and conditions, and they've helped us shape their world and make them even better!

Several changes have come as a result of our testers, and more to be implemented!

The sound effects of the HUD underwent a revamp.

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So, after reading the forums, I am now working to revise the eyes a little. As far as the 'dusty' type eyes they are also undergoing improvement. Keep in mind that dusty eyes are very muted and dark versions of their purer clear counterparts, with less vibrancy and distinction between colors.

The best way that Malevay Studios can serve the greater gaming community is by first making you aware what our responsibilities are to you, the participant, and what your responsibilities are when using the content we provide.

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Hacking Meeroos

Exploiting bugs, hacking, disassembling, and/or reverse engineering your Meeroos is strictly against the EULA. Violators will be banned when caught. Ignorance of this is not an excuse for violation, so everyone should read on !

No one wants a secondary market flooded with non-genuine Meeroo, so a number of steps and security measures have been placed inside every Meeroo to verify its authenticity.

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The Oracle has made her first appearance at the Meeroos Location on Twas last week. The Oracle is a graceful deity sworn to the protection of the Meeroos! She passes down questions and riddles to those who have Meeroos in their care, to test their knowledge, perception and wisdom of their own world - As the Oracle says;


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