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An Update On our Status

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Our closed Beta has moved along at lightspeed, and has only revealed minor issues that required resolve. Overall, our development team is beyond thrilled at the progress and strength of the Meeroos system! Our closed Beta testers have been simply amazing, and have participated in a series of tasks in order to test the Meeroos in different scenarios and conditions, and they've helped us shape their world and make them even better!

Several changes have come as a result of our testers, and more to be implemented!

The sound effects of the HUD underwent a revamp.
The HUD itself is being reworked for visual clarity.
The Eyes of all Meeroos have been improved.
We're changing the way the home stump addresses a player.
We're changing the way a Meeroo addresses their owner.
We implemented a bugfix to the News and Status tabs

We've also added a lot of player suggestion to our post launch roadmap to further improve and diversify the game for Meeroo owners!

We've moved into the final stage of Closed Beta! Soon, all will be able to experience the Wonderful World of Meeroos!