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On Closed Beta, Open Beta & Launch

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Open Beta begins very soon, so I wanted to make sure that you understand exactly what to expect from this phase. Unlike Closed Launch, where our goal was to test functionality, Open Beta is test stability.

We still want your feedback! Don't presume that our door is closed to feedback because we have left closed beta. The Wonderful World of Meeroos is not a program that will ever be "Done." There is a tremendous amount of content coming, storylines that unfold and a history to be revealed about the Meeroos, much achieved through gameplay.

So if you ask, "When will the Meeroos be done?"

The answer will always be, "Not in the forseeable future."

Our commitment to the product does not end at launch. That's when our real work begins as we work towards milestones on our internal timeline. The World of Meeroos will always be improving. It will always be offering more excitement, discoveries and perhaps even challenges.

So Open Beta is a technical hurdle. We're conducting it to test the mettle of our capacity and stability. If all goes well, Open beta will be extremely short so we can move towards launch.

The reason we have not announced a launch date yet is quite simple. It relies on the success of Open Beta. It relies on your response to the Meeroos. We want to know what you love about them, and what you don't!

Our Closed Beta testers were instrumental in shaping the game. Because of our diligent Closed Beta Testers, we implemented many changes:

*The HUD underwent some restructuring. Sounds were redone and colors were improved for readability.

*The Oracle was given a redesign - She'll no longer be appearing every 15 minutes. Instead, you'll summon her if and when you're ready to be challenged.

*The eyes were redone to amplify their color and clarity.

*Status percentages displaying in the HUD were replaced with terms to make it easier to understand.

*There was an issue where Meeroos were sending offline IM's to users email. Because they became precocious little spammers, we removed offline contact.

*We changed the way Meeroos communicate with their owners.

*We changed the content displayed in temp hovertext on click.

*We reduced the time it takes for a Meeroo to mature, AND reduce the time it takes for them to come into season. A Meeroo now matures at 7 days rather than 10.

We're also going to be adding some features that have been suggested by our users in order to give the player better/easier control when pairing specific Meeroos for breeding.

So, as you can see, the feedback given by our users have helped us make the game a more enjoyable experience, and we don't ever want that feedback to stop. We intend to keep all lines of communication open, and we read every request made. The more people who lend their voice to a particular desire, the more likely we are to recognize the necessity of it, so be sure to stay active in the forums!

That said, although Open Beta will be short, it means you'll have your Meeroos that much sooner, we know you're anxious, and we don't want to drag the process out any longer than necessary. We know you want to jump in and start playing as quickly as possible! We want to make that happen.