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Our Pricelists & Pre-Order Details

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I know you've all been waiting for this so pay close attention!

We will only have 1 product available for preorder. That is the Meeroo family Pack- The Meeroo Family pack, which is the largest and most complete pack that will be available includes the following.

6 Meeroo Nests
4 Weeks of Meeroo Food
2 Stumps (Each with 8 capacity)
1 Wonderful World Of Meeroos HUD (Which will be copyable and transferrable!)
1 Special Gift exclusive to Preorders!
3 Day Head Start (You get your pack 3 days prior to launch!)

PRICE = $L 5100

Now, we've priced ourselves higher than some, and lower than others, despite not having ANY dependency products. No vitamins, happiness products, fertility boosts, energy pills or medications for sickness. Ultimately, that makes us one of the least expensive and easily maintained virtual pets on the market, which we are extremely proud of!

At launch, users will be able to purchase diverse packages! These will contain fewer Meeroo nests and only ONE stump.

Individual Food is priced as follows

1 bowl of Nibbles for 1 Meeroo for 1 weeks = $L 63

1 basket of Nibbles for 1 Meeroo for 4 weeks = $L 225

1 buffet of nibbles for 6 Meeroos for 4 weeks = $L 1200

Extra stumps = $L 250 (Each Stump increases population capacity by 8)

Mee-Pet Transformation - 1,500 (A single Meeroo transformed into a pet that never eats, but is ineligible for breeding and extra games or "Revelatons.")

Preorders will begin on Tuesday April 5th at 12am.

*Edited - Apologies, the ridiculous hour had me copy and paste the wrong document, and I did not post the finalized prices for food- I mistakenly posted worksheet prices for food. Sorry for any inconvenience! -C