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Hacking Meeroos

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Exploiting bugs, hacking, disassembling, and/or reverse engineering your Meeroos is strictly against the EULA. Violators will be banned when caught. Ignorance of this is not an excuse for violation, so everyone should read on !

No one wants a secondary market flooded with non-genuine Meeroo, so a number of steps and security measures have been placed inside every Meeroo to verify its authenticity.

Any attempts to thwart or subvert this system will result in your Meeroos account being flagged and/or possibly auto-banned. If you are banned, your Meeroo will all run away to the wild. Whether or not an appeal will be granted is entirely up to our discretion. Your Meeroo will only be replaced at our discretion.

However, in the interest in making sure this security system is bug free, during Closed Beta IF AND ONLY IF YOU GET *PRIOR* PERMISSION FROM ME (Levio Serenity in SL) you can try your hand at thwarting the security. You must NC me asking for permission to do this AND you must wait for me to reply. If I haven't marked your account in the DB and you attempt anything, the security system is going to auto-ban you.

If you attempt to hack on your Meeroos in any way and are caught BEFORE you have gotten my personal approval, this will be regarded as a hostile action and you will be perma-banned and never unbanned even after we go live. Claiming ignorance of this post will NOT get you off the hook.

I hate making these SUPER SERIOUS kind of posts, but no one likes a cheater.

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