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Big Cat Update!!

Now that the dust has settled, I finally got a chance to meet up with Jeff Kremer at Big Cat Rescue and deliver him a nice donation to help out all the amazing animals!

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ps. I'm the one on the left :-D

You probably weren't aware, but LL has a serious issue with the MP and they aren't paying merchants for every sale. This is a direct hit to our bottom line, and we won't be reimbursed for our losses until we hand verify every MP sale for the last few weeks, which is an undo burden on our staff. So effective immediately our MP items are being deactivated until they can provide a functioning, stable platform for future sales. If you have your own MP store, I strongly urge you to review all your transactions for missing payouts since the new MP payment system went into effect.

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Summer Sale!

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With today being Canada's Birthday and the 4th being the American holiday, we're having a summer sale this week!

The new Genetic trees are 20% off and MeePet honey dippers are 50% off!

The diurnal holiday costumes for Independence and Freedom are available to purchase again, so drop on by and share in the holiday fun!

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“Ancient Meeroo, a case of Black and White”

Dr. Stephen Tungsten, President MPS

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions and your amazing CSRs who just spent the last couple of days testing, we just released the V1.1 update to the trees.

Press "Update" on any existing tree you have rezzed out, and you should get a new V1.1 tree from our update server.

V1.1 Changes

Added Auto Open On/Off options so tree won’t open when a new roo is selected

Added Public Touch On/Off options to stop people at auctions from changing trees

Moved list of configuration options under a new Options.. menu

AutoLock is on by default.

If you haven't been out there to grab the RFL plushie, you better hurry the fairs close in just a couple more hours!

Also, they just posted a Sponsor Interview with yours truly over on their blog, check it out at:


The Top 3 Winners are:

1. Entry #3 Meeroo: Sophisticated & Cool Perspective by Glitch Axelrad First Place: $50,000L.

2. Entry #4 Meeroos who make you smile. by Pebbles Mistwalker Second Place: $25,000L.

3. Entry #8 ~The Meeroo Legacies~ by Kaijah thorne Third Place: $15,000L.

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Meeroos 2nd Birthday Celebrations!!

OMG, we've been so crazy busy lately with juggling a million things at once! It's like I've fallen down a rabbit hole and gone mad or something!

Mewroo and I teamed up to make our own video to remind everyone to get those entries in soooooon. I know making a video can be a lot of work, so that's why we made the $$$$ prizes so large, to help motivate you! We haven't exactly been swamped with millions of entries, so if you enter something, lets just say you have a pretty good chance of walking away very happy. :-D

I've just been sort of hitting up our booth out at Fantasy Faire at random the past couple of days. But I realized that might be a little frustrating to anyone trying to get my (or others) plushie! So, I thought I'd just give a quick heads up for those of you who like to plan ahead, I will be out there again around 11AM-1PM SLT tomorrow!

PS. I'll see if I can get some of the CSRs out there with me as well. :-)




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