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The Oracle Descends on Twas!

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The Oracle has made her first appearance at the Meeroos Location on Twas last week. The Oracle is a graceful deity sworn to the protection of the Meeroos! She passes down questions and riddles to those who have Meeroos in their care, to test their knowledge, perception and wisdom of their own world - As the Oracle says;

"One must know intimately and understand their own world before they can hope to understand another." -Oracle 6,000 BC

Those who answer correctly will earn her favor and a reward!

The Oracle moves through time, like a feather doused in light, she transcends space and motion, and can be in multiple places at once! She has an infinite wisdom, and she most definitely will be testing yours!

But before anyone can possess a Meeroo, they must stand before the Oracle and speak with her. She will provide all closed beta testers with the secret to obtaining their forum access! On March 18th, she will actually give out the closed beta package to those who visit her, and are of Veteran status.

Open Beta testers, you don't get a free pass! You will have to go before the oracle as well, for your Open Beta package when the time is near! Spend some time with the Oracle and listen closely.. I hear she's already asking questions.. and listening for answers.

Go see the Oracle here: