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Meeroos FAQ

What are Meeroos?
Meeroos are mythical creatures they were rediscovered in 1930 - you can read the lore of the Meeroos here:

In Second Life terms they are a brand new breedable pet, they have AI, are very cute, and have been carefully designed to break new ground in the breedable pet market in virtual worlds.

Where can I get one?
Live meeroos and meeroo nests can be found for purchase in many of the secondary markets. Please do a search in world under places and type in Meeroos. You will be able to find many.

Please remember you must have access to Second Life and have an active avatar in order to play Meeroos. These are Free accounts and you can join Second Life here:

How much are they?
We typically have multiple options to give you as much choice and flexibility as possible... However, after the initial release of an expansion, we will sometimes remove starter packages from our markets in order to encourage user to user trades and exchanges. When starter packs are available, they can be found in these package sizes:

Meeroo Packs
Meeroo Family Pack: 6 Nests, 2 stump, 4 Weeks of food for 6 Meeroos = L$ 5199
Meeroo Medium Pack: 4 Nests, 1 Stump, 1 week of food for 4 Meeroos = $L 2799
Meeroos Pair Pack: 2 Nests, 1 Stump, 1 Week of food for 2 Meeroos = $L 1599
Me and My Meeroo Pack: 1 Nest, 1 Stump, 1 Week of Food for 1 Meeroo, = $L 999

Food Packs
Different Meeroos come from different environments, from deserts to snowlands, so they don't all eat the same diet. Since Meeroos need to eat in order to maintain their domesticated state, the user can depend on the HUD to indicate which type of food a Meeroo requires, but all types of food are priced the same.

1 Food Bowl for 1 Meeroo for 1 weeks = $L 63
1 Food Basket for 1 Meeroo for 4 weeks = $L 225
1 Food Platter for 4 Meeroos for 4 weeks = $L 800
1 Food Buffet for 6 Meeroos for 4 weeks = $L 1200
1 Food Feast for 8 Meeroos for 4 weeks = $L 1600

How do I share my food with a fellowship members meeroos
You can set a food dish into fellowship mode simply by Long left clicking on the bowl. Left click and hold down the mouse button for 3 seconds and you will see the fellowship name appear in the hover text.

Meeroos live around a home, which come in diverse and fun types. Only 8 Meeroos can live at one home since they don't want to be too crowded. Extra stumps = $L 250 (Each Stump increases population capacity by 8)

Are they transfer?
Meeroos themselves are transferable, but the HUD, Stumps and Food are not transferable.

What can I do with them?
Meeroos are highly advanced AI pets. They have individual characters, are curious about the avatars around them, they are interactive, and are fun to watch and listen to. They can be relaxing or hyperactive! They also breed and they have characteristics like size and breed and color of eyes that can be concentrated on to build a line of Meeroos which you will enjoy.

Do they get sick?
Meeroos are Mythical creatures, they never get sick! They will never need any medication.

Do they die?
Meeroos do not die, they are immortal! If they get very hungry they will however run back to the wild - they are only with us because they choose to be! You may choose to release Meeroos back to the wild at any time.

What's a Mee-Pet Transformation?
We offer a transformation service that will allow your Meeroo to become a non breeding pet, this will mean that you no longer have to buy them food, Instead they will eat bowls of honey that are provided for free at our store. A Mee-Pet will still get hungry if you don't feed them honey, how ever no matter how long they go without food, they will not run away.

This is a one time use and will cost L$999

Who are the Oracles?
The Oracle of Light is known as Vashara. The Oracle of Darkness is known as Orlex. Vashara is an ethereal being who looks over the Meeroos and is dedicated to restoring the bond they once had with human beings. Orlex led a different kind of Meeroos into the darkness of the Great Beneath in order to save them from bondage to humans. Neither are evil. Both have an intention.

What are fellowships?
A fellowship is a group of Meeroo owners who have joined together to help each other out. A Fellowship can have up to 40 members. Something called Regard is earned for your Fellowship, yourself and your Meeroos if you take the time to pet Fellowship Meeroos. There is a leaderboard for Fellowships, and we anticipate much competition to be top of that leaderboard.

What is regard?
Every time your Meeroo is pet, it has it's own Regard pool. The more Regard a Meeroo has the more it loves you! This "Reserve" Regard Pool remains with the Meeroo throughout it's life with you, and that pool grows every time someone shows it some attention. When that Meeroo is set Free to the Wild, as a thank you, it returns it's entire earned regard to you in one lump sum as a special thanks. This means even common Meeroos can possess great value to a player.

Your Regard helps you evolve in the World Of Meeroos, earning you achievements and titles bestowed by the Meeroos. At certain Ranks, the ability to unlock certain items from the store occurs. You'll be able to purchase Meeroos content that isn't available to anyone but those who have reached that rank! The catalog of things available will always be growing.

What does the HUD do?
This is your personal field study guide containing all the important information about every single one of your Meeroos! Orlex and Vashara each have their own HUD, but both will display the data for any Meeroo the player selects regardless of their alignment.

What about breeding them?
Meeroos are very much the creatures of love, and once mature can breed with other Meeroos that they get along with. They have seasons, and produce a nest when they find that perfect someone they'd like to start a family with. Sometimes they have unique deviations of their genetics and fetch some surprising results in their offspring!

I have my Secret user code from the hud, What now?
Follow this link to learn what you need to do with your code.

Why can I not file a ticket?
If you can’t file a ticket the reason could be because you have not linked your Second Life avatar to your account on the site with the secret user code that the hud gives you when you first put it on. Or you have entered the code incorrectly. Information needed is in the email you used to sign up with on the website and your user name for the website.

What do I do if something goes wrong?
Meeroos are scripted very well and have been thoroughly tested for many hours in under various conditions in the Second Life platform. If you have a problem with your Meeroos please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket. Please do not contact a support member in Second Life as those service people are helping customers in the order in which their ticket was received. Tickets are done in the order they are received and turn around time is approximately 24-48 hours.

We also offer a solution based chat group where only Support questions are allowed - please feel free to join this group as quite often your fellow players are happy to help with simple questions. secondlife:///app/group/8e2d66f1-cb9f-1d48-8c22-0bd7e6527034/about

Why do I need to register on the website?
The Wonderful World of Meeroos website is a great resource for all Meeroo needs, and as you progress through your adventure with the Meeroos valuable content will be unlocked for you to enjoy.

How high is prim and script count?
Meeroos can vary in prim number - 13-17 per Meeroo. They have 7 scripts in them.

What about lag?
Meeroos are scripted to take advantage of spare sim server cycles that would have otherwise gone to waste, they will monitor the sim they live on and will reduce their activity according to the load that is placed on the sim. They Also reduce activity where there is no-one around. They were developed to be non intrusive and to cause as little load on a server as possible.

How many Meeroos can fit into one stump and what if i want more?
8 Meeroos can live on one stump. You can purchase extra stumps for L$250 which will allow you to expand your population of Meeroos by 8 with each stump you place on the ground.

What happens when I have to leave for a couple of days?
If you have to be out of Second Life for a few days, you can ask a Fellowship member to place your meeroos on a stump they own with their own Meeroos and their food and they will be cared for until you return, alternatively, you can provide them with enough food and they will be fine until your return!

Do they remain still for auction?
Meeroos enjoy moving and frolicking! They can however be set without a stump with food near (within 20m) and they will remain in one spot, and merely cycle through movement. Their hovertext turns to yellow, and we call this Market Mode.

Are they phantom/Why are they Phantom?
Its unusual for pets in SL to be phantom but this will help cut down lag because they will not collide with other prims. This greatly reduces potential lag issues on sims.

Can i take them in my inventory or do they starve/die?
You can take them into your inventory for short periods, but they need to be free and running with their friends. if they are in your inventory for too long when they are rezzed they will return to the wild.

Can I restrict how far they hop around?
The stump allows you to set their roaming distance from 2 - 20m

Will they do well in a skybox?
As long as they are loved, Meeroos will thrive in any setting.

How big / small can they be?
Meeroos come in many sizes for example from Teacup to Giant!

The Eula can be found here: