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Happy Memorial Day!

Although we should always remember those who have sacrificed so much for what they love, this weekend is set aside specifically for remembrance, and we reserve this on behalf of our friends around the world.

Please be safe should your travels take you away from home. We will see you on Tuesday!

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Happy Mothers Day!

Greeting Meeroo Parents!

It's a very special day today!

To all of you who have Mothers, are mothers, or have been a Mother to someone who needed one, this day is for you.

From our hearts to yours Happy Mothers Day to those around the world.

The Malevay Studios Team

Strangely enough, the researchers from the preservation society that took our recent Nocturnal Meeroo photograph captured something unique and quite bizarre in the background! Some of you noticed? We sure did, and are correlating some information for you to consider as we investigate this anomaly.

I hope you are having a good weekend, Meeroo carers! The wheels are spinning at full speed here with us. You've waited a long time for this and I am genuinely proud to tell you that everything you are about to experience with this expansion has been worth the wait...

Yukio Kytori has been promoted from her customer service representative role to Community Representative. Having joined our family shortly after release, Yukio quickly became a beloved figure in our community, whose enthusiasm and kindness was something our customers would write me about often in praise.

Dear Friends,

Sorry to have to make this post, but unfortunately a few individuals have used tools with second life to clone a Meeroo. Many of you have now witnessed or know someone who owns one of these fake Meeroos, which show on examination to be created by "Wibrak55 Oh" " partyrammler Resident" or "Senseo2008 Galaxy"

These non-functioning Meeroos are placed in a sleeping position and created with yellow hovertext above them so the buyer believes they are in Market Mode. It is important to note that these Meeroos will also not report its stats to your HUD upon click.

Click to enlarge

Exciting sale going on at Roo for 24 Hours only! The Meepet Honey dipper has been placed on sale for HALF PRICE! This is your opportunity to preserve those special coats, costumes or precious companions you don't want to set free to the wild.

Sale ends Monday at Midnight PST.

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Primbie Update 2.0

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Our wonderful partner in mee-schief and fellow mee-scientist Nex has given your Primbies a brand new fresh update! Primbie will now work with all homes, including seasonal and limited edition homes.

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What an amazing array of beautiful poems we received. So much wonderful talent was shown and judging was not a easy task. Congrats to all that entered and BRAVO to the winners!!


Paradise of Meeroo Dreams By: Ariella Ravenheart

Hi all,

Our Refund and Exchange policy has been revised and updated to include current and future content. Much of it is exactly the same with a couple of critical changes, that being the limitation of exchanges we can make during a purchase session. I'll explain a little about this.

It's hard to believe that is has only been about 8 months since the launch of Meeroos, and well beyond a year since diving headfirst into development. Some say time seems to go faster the older you get, and I understand what they mean now! Our collective adventure with Meeroos is still very young, but it feels like they've been part of our lives here at Malevay forever.


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