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A little Insight into the EULA: What you need to know!

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The best way that Malevay Studios can serve the greater gaming community is by first making you aware what our responsibilities are to you, the participant, and what your responsibilities are when using the content we provide.

I know the legal mumbo jumbo is no fun, most never read them on any website or third party service they engage with since most never intend to do anything "bad" or "unethical." However, a EULA is critical because it contains highly relevant information. Possessing an awareness of it keeps you safe from misunderstandings or "But, I didn't know!" scenarios. It is there, also, to protect you! To fully inform you of what the license entails, what privileges it grants you and what you can fairly expect.

Many of our players have played similar installations to Meeroos before, and are pretty well aware already of what constitutes fair play and what is intentional abuse of an exploit, or attempt to damage something. Players just want to play the game and have fun! That's okay, that's what we want! But the EULA is as much to disclose our ruleset as it is to protect the integrity of the game, and the company behind it, and to ultimately better serve our community in the long term.

Now, Before anyone is able to "install" the Meeroos (i.e. Rezzing content, attaching HUD's) they will be presented with the EULA and the opportunity to accept or decline the terms involved. I want to encourage you not to click blindly or ever, under any circumstances, accept anything you don't understand or haven't read, whether in virtual or real life. Please, read the EULA so that you maintain a full and complete understanding!

I know some will simply click "Accept" and go about there "Meeroo'ing" and while there's nothing I can do about that, please be aware that the EULA still stands as an enforceable document.

One thing you should know is that the Meeroos come with an Auto-Ban technology- one that our developers have worked on for months to prevents meddlesome acts. If anyone tries to remove scripts, alter the contents of the Meeroos function or appearance, the safeguard will recognize the action and immediately halt their participation. This is to protect unknowing residents from conducting business or exchanging currency for Meeroos that are unauthorized or from a player whose intention is to mislead.

The EULA states clearly what a player can and can't do, as well as what they can expect from Malevay studios.

If you have questions or concerns, I welcome you to contact me directly! In Second Life, I am Catherine Farspire, and always delighted help!