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I have, in the past dutifully dedicated myself to the categorization and classification of the unique creature known as the Meeroo. Despite all of my research and seemingly endless wondering at the multitude of variety present within this species, never did I expect a discovery the likes of which I discuss in this report.

Recently, a spelunker in south america recounted this experience deep inside a cenote:

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New artist on the team

Hello. I would like to officially inform everybody of the new member in the art department at Malevay Studios. You may have been aware of a new name cropping up on plants and new items alike, Forda Fairlane has joined the art team and deserves a belated welcome to the team.

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We have begun to see many wondrous symbols appearing since the re-discovery of the Meeroos. Linguistic specialists of this ancient language, known as "Meerunic" have been working to translate these archaic runes with mixed results and many remain untranslated. Compounding the issue of translation, according to linguists, the symbols have both phonetic and ideographic meaning, however each symbol has a second phonetic value as well. A single character can stand for: two completely different phonetic sounds and an idea or concept.

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So, after reading the forums, I am now working to revise the eyes a little. As far as the 'dusty' type eyes they are also undergoing improvement. Keep in mind that dusty eyes are very muted and dark versions of their purer clear counterparts, with less vibrancy and distinction between colors.

Hello everyone I hope this week’s been a good one for everyone so far and before I go on I would like to wish everyone an early happy valentine’s day.
I’ve gotten a bit done since my last blog and am still turning out visual assets for the Meeroos. I cannot go into detail about most of my doings, however I hope you’ll all like them when they’re complete.

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I've gotten two more major things off my to-do list. A list of models for one of the Meeroo games as well as a surprise addition to the Meeroos, which took several new textures.

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