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FYI, lots of changes coming to the web site this week as we prepare to roll out the premium features. Just letting everyone know things will be in flux and constantly changing as I tinker away.

It will all continue to remain free until we're ready to announce pricing, so enjoy & test the premium stuff - like downloading your Meeroo as an Excel spreadsheet, until then.


As the company grows and evolves, it's necessary to make changes for the good of the staff and the community. Some of these changes happen a little late in the game but we realize that they are inevitably necessary. We learn as we go along and we find better ways of doing things. That's what has happened.

Meeroos have officially hit the 10,000 player mark in Second Life today. In celebration of this, we've awarded our 10,000th player, Xoi Ixtar, with a $L 10,000 Linden "MeeWard!"

Thanks to each of you for helping us reach this monumental milestone with Meeroos.

New coats have been discovered!

Aside from the starters, several lucky Meeroos Parents have revealed the Autumn coat, Sierra coat and so far, we've only seen a couple Amber coats!

But there's still SO MUCH MORE! You guys have miles to go to reveal new eyes, tails, species, coats, head shapes, and... even more.

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Neues Ticket System

Seit dem Betatesten haben unsere CSRs unermüdlich gearbeitet um euch mit allen euren (hoffentlich seltenen) Problemen geholfen. Das CSR ist klein, aber wir sind sehr aufopfernd euch allen die best mögliche Support Erfahrung zu geben.

Um sicher zu gehen, dass wir sovielen Meeroo Familienmitgliedern wie möglich helfen zu können haben wir ein ticket System eingebaut. Du kannst es erreichen indem du auf diesen Link klickst: wenn du auf der Webseite eingeloggt bist.

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Since the Beta testing period our CSR's have been working tirelessly to help you all with any (we hope rare) issues. The CSR team is small, but very dedicated to giving you all the best possible support experience.

To make sure we are able to help as many Meeroo family members as possible, we've implemented a new ticket system. You can gain access to the ticket system by going here from your logged in account.

Ok, here's the deal. There is a long standing bug in SL where items picked up and dropped in world are often lost. We are trying our best to get LL the information they need to finally address this issue once and for all.

First off, they don't even know if this is a client or server issue. So if you do lose a Meeroo, report it to us, but while you wait for our CSRs to respond, go here and reply to this JIRA:

Over the past 12 hours, we've been notified of an uncomfortable amount of non-deliveries of products (Not just ours!) and items disappearing when picked up, attached or dropped. Apparently, unbeknownst to us, this has been an ongoing issue in Second Life for roughly the past week.

You'll be able to start your own Meeroo Family today starting at 2pm PST (SLT) 5pm EST.

We have two Official Stores in Second Life™ located here:

Both regions are closed until that time. You will notice something very different at one of the stores... perhaps a harbinger of things to come. It certainly means something, that's for sure!


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