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Fos Dagger is the first player to find themselves in the community spotlight!

Fos is a die-hard Meeroo Parent who has documented his efforts on his blog:

We've avid Readers of Fos's (And many others) blog, and we're increasing surprised at just how close Fos is to understanding so much, including our generational timeline! Complete with beautiful pictures and interesting thought streams, the immensely talented Fos shares his speculations on everything from breeding to marketplace activity.

What a week this has been! Today I woke up to over 450 tickets in the system, which sent me into a state of panic. I quickly discovered why!

Everyone will tell you, it all begins with the eyes...

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Dev Blog

Support ticket system is now working with IE9.

Sorry for those of you who were having troubles with IE9 - there is a nasty bug in IE9 where it doesn't always submit forms properly. However, I did find a work around where our site tells your IE9 to revert back to IE8 behavior and now it will work properly.


Lots of exciting things have happened in The World of Meeroos over the past few weeks! We've seen the reveal of some new head shapes, new coats (The Emperor, Koi, Amber, Highland and now Cinder!)

Some of these have been found in starter packages which has resulted in some concerns and questions from members of our community, and I'd like to take the opportunity to fill in some gaps for you here.

Hello there, Meeroo Parents!

If you've visited either of the two main stores yesterday, you probably noticed a few interesting changes! Shipments of Desert Grass have arrived from arid climates in order to make sure any Meeroo born that originate from those areas don't starve! Also, our staff has finished unloading the last of Junglevine food, which will feed Meeroos that come from Jungle habitats. There is no difference in prices from the Berries.

A couple of things you'll want to remember should, in the future, you find a mysterious baby born in your meeroo family:

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Dev Blog

FYI, lots of changes coming to the web site this week as we prepare to roll out the premium features. Just letting everyone know things will be in flux and constantly changing as I tinker away.

It will all continue to remain free until we're ready to announce pricing, so enjoy & test the premium stuff - like downloading your Meeroo as an Excel spreadsheet, until then.


As the company grows and evolves, it's necessary to make changes for the good of the staff and the community. Some of these changes happen a little late in the game but we realize that they are inevitably necessary. We learn as we go along and we find better ways of doing things. That's what has happened.

Meeroos have officially hit the 10,000 player mark in Second Life today. In celebration of this, we've awarded our 10,000th player, Xoi Ixtar, with a $L 10,000 Linden "MeeWard!"

Thanks to each of you for helping us reach this monumental milestone with Meeroos.

New coats have been discovered!

Aside from the starters, several lucky Meeroos Parents have revealed the Autumn coat, Sierra coat and so far, we've only seen a couple Amber coats!

But there's still SO MUCH MORE! You guys have miles to go to reveal new eyes, tails, species, coats, head shapes, and... even more.


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