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Hi all. Once again we're have fraudulent food appear in world and on the marketplace. Please only purchase your items from the links above, which will take you to our store in Second Life or to the only official marketplace storefront. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for all of your reports!

EDIT: The meepet was designed to work like this, It will always only work if the meeroo is on a home owned by its owner. The instructions have been added in a box next to the Mee-Pet Honey Dipper.

Currently the MeePet Transformation will only work if your Meeroo is attached to a stump you own. This is due to the fact that a Meeroo home owned by another user can not (recreate) rez your Meeroo. The same as how us CSRs can only return a lost Meeroo to only your Meeroo home.

Hello there, Meeroo Parents!

Just a little note to help prevent the loss of meeroos or failed purchases.

On the weekends the secondlife Servers have a Higher Load due to increase in the amount of players connecting to the grid. This means sadly that its higher risk that SL will eat your no copy items when you try to attach or detach them as well as failed delivery of items from vendors.

Hello there, Meeroo Parents!

If you've visited either of the two main stores yesterday, you probably noticed a few interesting changes! Shipments of Desert Grass have arrived from arid climates in order to make sure any Meeroo born that originate from those areas don't starve! Also, our staff has finished unloading the last of Junglevine food, which will feed Meeroos that come from Jungle habitats. There is no difference in prices from the Berries.

A couple of things you'll want to remember should, in the future, you find a mysterious baby born in your meeroo family:

We're going to let another large batch of trunks build up and resume sending again sometime throughout Tuesday May 3.

our initial findings are an error in the DB firewall which felt the server was under a DoS attack and started refusing requests, so we'll need time to address this issue.

It was a great test, we had way less issues then the first round at the start of beta, at least up until the firewall got grumpy lol.

We apologize for the inconvenience and the delay we know you all want your Meeroos as badly as we want you to have them.

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