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Congrats Xoi Ixtar, Meeroo Player #10,000 Wins $L10,000

Catherine's picture

Meeroos have officially hit the 10,000 player mark in Second Life today. In celebration of this, we've awarded our 10,000th player, Xoi Ixtar, with a $L 10,000 Linden "MeeWard!"

Thanks to each of you for helping us reach this monumental milestone with Meeroos.

New coats have been discovered!

Aside from the starters, several lucky Meeroos Parents have revealed the Autumn coat, Sierra coat and so far, we've only seen a couple Amber coats!

But there's still SO MUCH MORE! You guys have miles to go to reveal new eyes, tails, species, coats, head shapes, and... even more.

And those of you who have watch the Kirsten's Viewer splash screen know that our first expansion pack arrives in October! You'll be seeing elements of that trickle in over the coming months little by little, so prepare for some surprising revelations about the Meeroos History.

Please let us know in the comment about your Meeroos experience so far! You make us better by sharing your feedback!