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A Few Important Messages

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What a week this has been! Today I woke up to over 450 tickets in the system, which sent me into a state of panic. I quickly discovered why!

Unfortunately, a few objects are being distributed that are copybotted versions of our Magic Trunk and chest. Although these are identical to our material, these are NOT being circulated by us, and although it says it has been created by a Damen Gorilla, it was, in fact, not created by him either. Damen Gorilla is a content creator in SL, who has worked with Linden Lab to provide starter avatars for new residents - much of your content in your default library was created by Damen Gorilla. Someone has used one of his full permission prims to "mask" the identity of the real creator of the objects in distribution by linking it as the parent prim to the entire structure of the Chest or Nest so it appears, on inspect, that it was created by him.

We have spent much of this afternoon addressing the issue with Linden Lab as well as trying to get the word out there to prevent anyone else becoming a victim of this fraudulent activity.

For your own protection, please do not, under any circumstances, grant an object permissions to take Lindens from your account unless you know the owner or trust the service provider. Otherwise, you are allowing anyone to reach directly into you wallet and deduct as much money as they want, without requiring further permission or advance notification. This is incredibly risky! With the push of a button, your entire Linden account can be drained. I do not want to see this happen to any of you. Please report any unsolicited inventory offers for these objects to Linden lab immediately. Do not grant it any permissions if you rezz it. It's best you do not rezz it at all.

Please share this information with your friends to make them aware of the dangers of such activity.

Now, on to ticket status.

This has set us back a bit as we're trying to help resolve the issues, not only with Meeroos, but also issues revolving around this incident. The timing for this couldn't have been worse as many of our CSR's, who have not had a day off since we began this adventure, are away, or preparing to leave on a holiday. Toxic, our Customer Support Manager is currently in Amsterdam at the Virtual Worlds and Technology conference where she is giving a discussion on Meeroos. Irish is leaving for a week on a well deserved vacation with her family. Malichai is fighting an illness. And yesterday, the day this all occurred, was my day off, as my dog had surgery! Currently, our CSR's are working diligently, despite being short handed and uniquely challenged by the present conditions. But there are a few things you can do to help!

* If you have submitted a ticket, please rest assured that it's in the queue and they are addressing them as they are received, from those who have been waiting the longest first.

* Do not send in a ticket every 20 minutes for the same issue. This makes the queue much longer, and instead of making a dent in the volume of them, when people put in 10 duplicate tickets before they can apply to one, the numbers of tickets waiting appears to grow. And then they have to find the ticket belonging to you that contains all the information as they wad through tickets that simply say "It's been 15 minutes, I'm getting frustrated. Now I'm angry." They will get to one ticket much faster.

* Please understand that CSR's are not ignoring you. Please understand they are working really hard to help customers, and not to antagonize or frustrate you. I know the wait can be hard, our goal is to expedite things as much as possible. Please don't send hateful and abusive IM's to the CSR's in world. If they are in world they are responding to a ticket and resolving another customers issue. Calling them names because you've been waiting two hours and threatening to kill your meeroos if she doesn't respond will not help us get to you quicker. I'm disappointed to have to say I saw this.

* When submitting your ticket you can help us resolve your issue quickly by telling us the name/ID number of what you lost, or sharing with us the transaction details of a product if one was not delivered. Please avoid submitting a ticket that says simple "Can someone help me?" or "Can you IM me," or "You have ripped me off!"

Please provide us as much information as possible. It can be just a simple sentence like:

"I ordered a Meeroos Family package and it did not arrive, here are transaction details - 06/16/2011 18:21:06 xxxxx Destination: Meeroos Payment Region: Twas Description: Meeroos Family Pack Vendor L$5,199"

That allows us to deliver it to you without delay and quickly move on. If you lost a meeroo, one might say;

"My meeroo name/ID Number xxxxx vanished/was duplicated by the asset server."

I know it can be very hard to wait for something you paid for, especially with the limited amount of online time people have per day, and we want to restore your services as soon as possible without too much delay. Thank you for understanding!

Finally, Levio has fixed a bug in the spreadsheet that was reporting "No record could be found."

Back to tickets I go! I'm in there too!