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Food Shipments Arrive at Stores

Allatu Augustus's picture

Hello there, Meeroo Parents!

If you've visited either of the two main stores yesterday, you probably noticed a few interesting changes! Shipments of Desert Grass have arrived from arid climates in order to make sure any Meeroo born that originate from those areas don't starve! Also, our staff has finished unloading the last of Junglevine food, which will feed Meeroos that come from Jungle habitats. There is no difference in prices from the Berries.

A couple of things you'll want to remember should, in the future, you find a mysterious baby born in your meeroo family:

- Always check a Meeroos diet to see what kind of food it requires. To do this, attach your HUD, click on a Meeroo, and navigate to your STUDY TAB. On this tab you will see the "Diet" field. This will let you know what kind of nibbles that Meeroo requires. Not all Meeroos come from the same environments, so they don't all eat the same kind of food!

- You can have Meeroos that rely on different diets residing at the same Home Stump as long as their respective types of food are available to them.

- Meeroos with different Diets can still breed with one another. Their diet does not effect the personalities or seasons. A Berry eating Meeroo can pair with a Desert Grass eating Meeroo.

- Many have asked if a baby has been born yet that requires these food types. The answer is No. We don't know when you guys will reveal these gentics within your Meeroos, but we wanted to be prepared for when it happens.

- Meeroos are vastly diverse! You guys have barely scratched the surface but have you've discovered some amazing things so far! There will be more food types required in the coming months that we'll make available as new discoveries are made, or we believe you're getting close!

I can't wait to see what you guys discover! And we're all excited for the first moment we find some of you reveal babies that require these diets as the Meeroo revelations continue!

Have fun!