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The Top 3 Winners are:

1. Entry #3 Meeroo: Sophisticated & Cool Perspective by Glitch Axelrad First Place: $50,000L.

2. Entry #4 Meeroos who make you smile. by Pebbles Mistwalker Second Place: $25,000L.

3. Entry #8 ~The Meeroo Legacies~ by Kaijah thorne Third Place: $15,000L.

It's time to celebrate our Very Merry 2nd UnBirthday @ Roo!
Sunday the 19th of May we invite you to jump down the rabbit hole and join us for some tea, cake and fun!
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We've got some awesome sales going as well as some REALLY adorable Alice themed statues, homes and paint sets out!
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And don't forget to check out the Ambroosia or sneak a peak at some of the new product hints we may have accidentally on purpose left out for you :P We will be announcing the winners of the video contest live at the 8pm party. There will be trivia plushies and extra stuff!
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The parties will be at Roo, SLURL:
Set the date: May 19th 2013
Don't be late: We will have 2 parties, one at 12 noon SLT and one at 8pm SLT.

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Meeroos 2nd Birthday Celebrations!!

OMG, we've been so crazy busy lately with juggling a million things at once! It's like I've fallen down a rabbit hole and gone mad or something!

Mewroo and I teamed up to make our own video to remind everyone to get those entries in soooooon. I know making a video can be a lot of work, so that's why we made the $$$$ prizes so large, to help motivate you! We haven't exactly been swamped with millions of entries, so if you enter something, lets just say you have a pretty good chance of walking away very happy. :-D

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The latest entries from Professor Tungsten have been found amid the shuffle of papers at the Meeroo Preservation Society, and it seems big things are on the way. What could it all mean?


Professor Tungsten's Journal Entry –
The appearance of the Meerunic Crystals

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Cinco de Mayo Goodies!

Here's a little peek at some of the goodies we have out for you guys at roo for Cinco de Mayo!

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We've got a fiesta paint set, a potted cactus home, a regular cactus home & a sombrero home! Not to mention all of the cute statues! Come on down during tonight's 7pm fiesta and pick some up... or stop by early!

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Free Fruity Drinks!!!

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*Slurps down something cold and fruity with an umbrella*

With our video contest kicking off a few days ago in honor of our 2nd birthday, we hope you all find this new promotional video inspiring! For more info regarding the contest, please click this link.


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