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2013 Video Contest Winners!!

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The Top 3 Winners are:

1. Entry #3 Meeroo: Sophisticated & Cool Perspective by Glitch Axelrad First Place: $50,000L.

2. Entry #4 Meeroos who make you smile. by Pebbles Mistwalker Second Place: $25,000L.

3. Entry #8 ~The Meeroo Legacies~ by Kaijah thorne Third Place: $15,000L.

Here were all the entries submitted, I think in the order we received them. Everyone on staff got a chance to watch them (although they didn't know who submitted which ones) and cast their votes! Everyone who submitted an entry is getting an awesome prize package filled with goodies! Yeah!

Entry #1: by jiminy Kling

Entry #2: by Cody Reis Zemenis (wrsjr28)

Entry #3: by Glitch Axelrad

Entry #4: by Pebbles Mistwalker

Entry #5: by Toxic Menges

Entry #6: by queenheraredbane

Entry #7: by mandy.lavradorio

Entry #8: by Kaijah thorne

Aaaaand just for fun, Mewroo and I made our own movie, although of course we couldn't enter it in the contest. It's a funny little piece called Roos Clues! :-D