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Professor Tungsten - Journal Entry

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As noted in my previous entry, I've taken a special interest in the level of excitement generated by some of the more recent treasures my Meeroo companions seem to be finding. The discovery of the Meerunic Crystals has been a fascinating endeavor and seems to have spurred some excitement within Meeroo-kind, not just with myself and other caretakers I've spoken with. More have been found, and as of today I have 5 different crystals with their knowledge gently tucked into my mind, and their physical forms on a shelf in my office. I know more will appear, and the anticipation is so much at times that I have to force myself not to be distracted by the urge to hunt the nesting grounds in hopes of finding something new.

That being as it may, my diligence has paid off in another discovery. While I'm possibly even more excited by this one, I'm also increasingly disquieted by the behavior of the my Meeroo companions as things unfold.

The foraging parties of Diurnals and Nocturnals continue to come and go regularly, but recently they've been bringing back things to the Elders of the tribes and becoming more and more dejected as their offerings are discarded. I've seen leaves with tiny piles of dusts that look like wispy pollen collections, bits of tiny mushroom caps, a dish of small sparkling quartzite stones, and even a large jar they must have spirited from my cupboards with a firefly, junebug, dragonfly, gypsy moth, and a ladybug all clambering within that I had to set free. This was most puzzling of them all, to me. I can understand the mushrooms, flower petals and pollen, and even stones. After all, the Meeroos have always had an attraction to the delicate and shining bits of nature, but .. bugs?! Why would they suddenly be interested in the little winged flying things that can be found in the fields all around when they didn't seem to pay them much mind previously?

As if this wasn't all strange enough to document and watch unfold, the other evening something even more bizarre happened, and the Meeroos' odd behavior just keeps on to the point where I feel I have to take action soon. Soon... before their distress becomes so sharp that they do something foolish, or even worse, leave on their little searches and don't return! What could cause such concern and make me, the ever-cautious researcher, feel pushed into action? Simply this: For the first time ever I had a Meeroo find a treasure that they weren't excited to share with me. In fact, this latest Meerunic crystal, with its creamy pale yellow satiny look, had such a gaggle of Meeroos around it that it took me quite some time to even get a clear look! Once I did they were not at all happy to let me get near it! When have you ever known a Meeroo to act in such a way?

The Cinder Elder that held the piece clutched it to his chest looked so very fierce and protective and determined as he chittered and rambled at me that I was taken aback. It took me over an hour of sitting in the damp twilight-hours grasses talking to him and assuring him that I would return it to him before he'd even loosen his grip on it and let me see it fully. After that, another half an hour passed before he would hand it to me to examine it, and the whole while I held the brilliant shard, he was right beside me, one hand on my arm as if he was afraid I'd run off with it.

As happens with all the Meerunic Crystals, I got the whole information flash that was meant to be shared, but this one hit me in a whole new way, the emotion of it overwhelming. “V’em” .. the meaning danced through my mind while its marking seemed to pulse and I had to look at it again. By then the night was dark and when I expressed that I'd like to take it into my office and have a look at it with some light and take a picture of it, the Elder looked around at the horde of others clustered near by and seemed to take a vote on if this was allowed or not.

After a time of anxious sounding chatter, he finally nodded but put his arms up to be carried, fully expecting to be taken with, not letting the 6th Meerunic of my collection now out of his sight for a moment. I obliged, carrying him inside, and he sat on my desk inside the whole time I cataloged the shard. When I was done he reached for it with such sureness I didn't even hesitate to give it back. Once again he clutched it to his chest like it was the most precious item in existence, and then scampered back outside to his kin. Since when do the Meeroos cling to their treasures in such a way? As of now it seems.