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After arriving on the Isle of Meeroo origin, I hadn't had long to explore before I realized there was something very different going on here. First was the sudden plethora of collections of this and that that the Diurnal Meeroos were coming up with as they roamed the island. That put my thoughts in the direction of getting the Meeroo's that had traveled with me settled into their own spaces so I could observe what else they might find on this enchanted isle, and that's when I noticed that the Nocturnals that had arrived with us were nowhere to be seen.

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As my previous entries have stated, the air-bound travel was uneventful for the most part. Thankfully my companions and the crew all got along and the introduction of Meeroo kind to some of them helped break up the tedium of the days of travel through the open air over the expanses of water and the occasional speckle of islands.

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