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Professor Tungsten - Journal Entry

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All night after the discovery of this pale cream and smokey topaz specked crystal, the Meeroos were as active as I've ever seen. The Nocturnals seemed envious but pitched in with efforts that were veiled from me by the dark of night. I sat outside beside a campfire and plied myself with coffee until the wee hours, curiously watching them all move about and hover over a low stone table that seemed to be the center of activity. Bits of vines and reeds were stripped to make thin fibers that were worked into a sort of shallow basket, and willow branches were put together to craft a sort of hoop around its edges. By the morning's first lights, the Elder Cinder that hand first held the crystal now held this artfully disk that had the crystal somehow suspended in its center with a tether around its center that let it move freely but kept it from spilling free as it was tipped and carried about. He took the item to a rock outcropping at the edge of his nesting area and laid it there, propped in some crevasse in the stone. Every Meeroo within the area gathered around and as the sun touched the stone and its natural light caught fire, glowing with the sun until it was a wash of yellows and hot white. I was mesmerized by the size and intensity of the gathered Meeroo group, hearing them burst into energetic clattering with the light on the crystal made me get up from the ember remains of the fire I'd be next to all night and get closer to see what was happening.

The Meeroos all seemed to murmur the same sounds; out of sync, different speeds, all over around me the overlapping cacophony of sound became a buzz as the little gem started to turn in its disk. Then all at once they stopped, and the silence was so startling I can honestly say now that I know what it's like to hear deafening quiet. When I brought my eyes off of the sea of Meeroos around me to look back at the the crystal I could see it held in place, suspended, pointing as steadily as a compass off to the north east. There was a soft ripple of sound and when I finally blinked away from that startling sight to take note of those surrounding me, I saw every pair of eyes looking at me .. pleading, demanding, expectant, hopeful, and the weight of it all was crushing. I've never felt anything like it, and I know now, just as clearly as the knowledge passes to me when I hold a Meerunic in hand, that I have to act. It was time to go.

I've pulled out all the charts and maps and poured over them for hours that bleed into days, now. Taking into consideration the direction seeming to be indicated by the crystal I've taken to calling the Sunstone Compass, as well as the notes I've compiled, the first Meeroo discoverers journals, and mythologies that are tied to the magical creatures through history, I've made the decision to search out the Meeroos home Island. There is a land of origin spoken off in old lore and stories, that the companions gifted from the Oracles went forth from a secret and sacred land to mingle among Mankind as companions and guides. I'm determined now, it's time to take the Meeroos “home”.

I've sat with the Elders I have in my company, shown them the navigation charts, and talked to them as plainly as I can about my plan and the reaction was nothing less than ecstatic. I'm not sure if they're happier about getting through to me about their mounting needs in connection to the crystals, or if I'm the truly happy one that they understand what I'm trying to accomplish on their behalf.

I've made calls, cashed in favors, and pooled the resources needed to get a charter craft booked in the name of the Preservation Society under short notice and as quickly as possible. We've been packing to travel for the last week as the ship is scheduled to harbor here tomorrow, and we already have many of our needs in crates on the docks, waiting. Tomorrow it'll be a matter of loading things onto the vessel, getting myself and the Meeroos settled on the ship, double check all my navigation charts with the Captain, and be on our way. Travel by water would risk too many questions with the commercial traffic out there these days, so the ship I have booked is .. special.. and should suit our needs just fine. The journey will take a good while, but the anticipation is so high, I don't think any of us are begrudging the coming weeks in the clouds when it means finally setting our own feet on the island of origin for all of Meeroo kind!