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Dr Tungsten's Journal Entry - Wonderful World Indeed!!

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As my previous entries have stated, the air-bound travel was uneventful for the most part. Thankfully my companions and the crew all got along and the introduction of Meeroo kind to some of them helped break up the tedium of the days of travel through the open air over the expanses of water and the occasional speckle of islands.

As we neared our destination, the uncharted little island from the old texts and research slowly became more of an uncertainty. What if I had been wrong? I overheard one of the crew members mentioning we were on a goose chase for “Atlantis”, unaware that I was within earshot. I'll admit that the doubt stuck in my mind and nagged at me to the point that, the night before our scheduled arrival, I spent hours pouring over navigation charts and my research just to reassure myself. I can't begin to explain the amount of relief I felt when we finally did see a mass of land on the horizon.

As our ship neared, the prow was lined by the Meeroos that had come with me, as well as myself and the crew, everyone anxious to behold the new land. Once we found a safe cove to descend into so we could anchor the airship, the crew bustled to prepare for landfall, but some of the Meeroos didn't even wait for us! Jumping into the water from the ship's edge as soon as we were landed, there was a handful of them shaking off and sun-drying on shore, or playing in the shallows, well before we got there, and even more anxiously pacing around, barely containing themselves to wait for the rest of us! The excitement and the building noise of the Meeroos was enough to almost make one's ears ache and it was humorous to watch the crew hustle double time, Meeroos on their heels the whole time.

Let me just say that, once I actually set foot on the soil of this little island, I was sure I had never been .. and would never be .. in a place like this again. The earth under me smelled so rich and warm it nearly sang of the fertility of this place. Most of the plants and trees around me were like none I'd ever seen, and you could see little drifting dusts of pollen and glowing and twinkling around many of them. As we headed inland a bit to look for a place to set up camp, the sun was setting, and all around the soft glow from foliage dotted the horizon in different colors that made one's eyes dance from place to place trying to take it all in. The scents in the air from the plethora of flowers and plants, the rich earth itself, and the taffy tang of the sea all combined into a perfume I'll never be able to replicate but will never be able to forget.