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Click to enlargeSt. Patrick's Day, on March 17, remembers one of Ireland’s patron saints, St Patrick. It largely celebrates Irish-American culture in the United States.

Click to enlarge BEST IN JAMMIES
Hosted by Major MacCaw and Wilma Philbin

The staff of Wonderful World of meeroos invites you to join us for a Meeroo Valentine's Day Pajama Party.

The party will be held on Roo sim
February 14th from Noon to 2 PM SLT

Come dance with your Meeroo family and friends

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For Vashara the winner is...

Chantilly Lace (Chantilly Levee) with Scene #4

For Orlex the winner is..

Luri (Luriel Lykin) with Scene #1

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The Semi-finalist winners are:

For Orlex:

Luriel Lykin, Brieya Silverweb, Arachne Anatra, Dravenrose resident, Wilma Philbin.

For Vashara: Iwan Abeyante, Kristine Kristan, Tik Merlin, Chantilly Levee, Seven Hurricane.

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Thank you to all who submitted entries in our contest!
The submission part of the contest has now ended.

CSR's will now vote and our voting will end
- Sat. the 24th Noon SLT.

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Meeroos CSRs and Moderators are hosting a contest!

***There are NC's in several languages as well as a NC with a bit more explanation on Roo sim, center, in the contest posters. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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Flowers of red, yellow and blue all on Roo sim waiting for you! Homes and paint sets all brand new, cute ones, funny ones and pretty ones too! So make sure you hop on down to Roo sim and see all of the new Spring Rootastic items made just for you!

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Masquerade Love Ball

Time to get those gowns, suits and Mask's out for our Masquerade Love Ball!
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Party time everyone! We know it's after the New Year but we figured with everyone's busy schedule we'd give you time to settle in before we throw our big 50's themed New Year's party!

In the past several days, we have had an enormous amount of tickets from people not getting the drop option when wanting to drop a meeroo. At this time, we are asking you to notify LL of these problems, so that they will do something about it.


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