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Our trees are finally available for purchase. Much cleaner and faster than before.
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The Semi-finalist winners are:

For Orlex:

Luriel Lykin, Brieya Silverweb, Arachne Anatra, Dravenrose resident, Wilma Philbin.

For Vashara: Iwan Abeyante, Kristine Kristan, Tik Merlin, Chantilly Levee, Seven Hurricane.

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Thank you to all who submitted entries in our contest!
The submission part of the contest has now ended.

CSR's will now vote and our voting will end
- Sat. the 24th Noon SLT.

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Meeroos CSRs and Moderators are hosting a contest!

***There are NC's in several languages as well as a NC with a bit more explanation on Roo sim, center, in the contest posters. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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Holiday Time !

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ! It's the time of year that many organizations begin campaigns to assist the less fortunate.

Come on down to the Breedable Fair and visit the Meeroo area. We have a wonderful surprise there for many of you that have been asking :) Hope to see you there !!

You all asked for it, and we aim to please. Come on down to the ROO sim in your scariest costume and enjoy The Spooky Halloween Party.

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Wow, when was the last time you saw all these spook-tacular items at once? There are new themed paint sets, matching homes, creepy crawly spiders that follow you around, ghosts galore and many more to see. Come down to the ROO sim for your frightfully outrageous decorating items. So much to choose from.

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Dear Community Members,

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If you haven’t had a chance to get to this years 2014 RFL Summertime Breedables Fair its not to late, just follow the yellow brick road to any of the Second Life SLurls below. Today is also the GRIDWIDE OOAK AUCTION FOR RFL so don’t miss out.


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