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Tickets & Wait Time!

Some of our customers have been waiting a long time to have their tickets responded to, and this is never any good! We try hard to have a reasonable turn around when it comes to tickets, but the last database outage caused sent the numbers of people waiting into the stratosphere!

UPDATE: This issue had also stopped the fellowship rankings from being recalculated hourly, so that is working again now as well.

There was a slight glitch after the server maintenance on Sunday that prevented animations from downloading when coaxed or rebuilt. This has been fixed.

If you have a poor lil roo that only scoots or doesn't play any of it's animations, no need to file a ticket, just use the REBUILD button on your HUD and it will come back happy as can be.

Sorry for the mix-up!


Come and join our family! Malevay Studios is currently accepting resumes for the following roles:

Must have minimum 5 years experience in programming. Knowledge of Mysql, php required. Must have evident work history in programming and development. Facebook development experience a plus. Candidates should be able to meet prespecified deliverable dates, work well in a team based environment and have great communication skills. Please provide samples of work and references with resume to (at)


UPDATE: 7:33AM DB Migration Completed.

There was supposed to have been a notice last night about another downtime Sunday morning 6-8am as well. Sorry for the short notice, but hopefully this will be the last of the DB fixes for awhile!


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Downtime Completed

Thankfully everything went according to plan, and this mornings DB downtime only lasted 10 minutes. Ty for your patience!


The Server will be going down today for maintenance and optimization.

*Do not worry, your Meeroos will be just fine during this period. They will not starve or run away or lose any part of their season.

*During this time, it is best to refrain from any releasing nests or Meeroos or birthing nests.

*To avoid any lost or misdirected content, please also refrain from picking up meeroos to hold them, taking them into inventory, or rezzing them from your inventory.

We will announce when the server has returned.

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We have begun to see many wondrous symbols appearing since the re-discovery of the Meeroos. Linguistic specialists of this ancient language, known as "Meerunic" have been working to translate these archaic runes with mixed results and many remain untranslated. Compounding the issue of translation, according to linguists, the symbols have both phonetic and ideographic meaning, however each symbol has a second phonetic value as well. A single character can stand for: two completely different phonetic sounds and an idea or concept.

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An update on Meeroos

We're still working toget everything back to normal. As of 1:00am we habe made it through 500 tickets, many a result of our outage. Sadly the trouble started while we were sleeping, of course! However, once we discovered the issue, Levio was able to resolve it quickly. There are some residual errors you might see as we optimize things, but any disruptions should be minimal and you should continue playing the game normally. If anything should happen, you have nothing to fear, we always replace content adversely affected by these issues without question.

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Today's Fun

Ty all for your patience! They tell me things will get better before I need a rubber room! FYI: Linden Lab is really stepping up their game to try to help us out and we certainly appreciate it!



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