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An update on Meeroos

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We're still working toget everything back to normal. As of 1:00am we habe made it through 500 tickets, many a result of our outage. Sadly the trouble started while we were sleeping, of course! However, once we discovered the issue, Levio was able to resolve it quickly. There are some residual errors you might see as we optimize things, but any disruptions should be minimal and you should continue playing the game normally. If anything should happen, you have nothing to fear, we always replace content adversely affected by these issues without question.

Much to my surprise, the fact that our account was mistakenly (and temporarily) blocked by Linden Lab in their cull of counterfeit Meeroos accounts was newsworthy to the media. "Virtual pets are starving!" Articles have made their way into the press. I posted that specific blog to inform you guys of the facts and to update you, not to cause a stir nor to instigate a grandstand against Linden Lab who have been instrumental in helping us find resolve with the recent onslaught of cyber attacks. We are grateful to them for their kindness and support for our community.

It is true that we have been targeted by cyber terrorists. These people have tried deliberately to incur very real harm on us, and our community. They are not amateur bullies, unfortunately they possess an intention and to a degree have exhibited the ability to leverage the platform against us beyond traditional "griefer" means. This is why we have seen the string of fake vendors, fake food and why our staff has been chain-crashed and why the regions that have hosted our stores(Roos and Twas) have over the weekend, been rendered inaccessible for large amounts of time. Their goal is to make it impossible for us to conduct any business within Second Life unless we pay them to stop. I cannot go into further details to preserve the integrity of ongoing investigations, but I can assure you that our system is safe, we have *not* been "hacked" our off-world data is and will always remain in tact. Linden Lab has stood by our side diligently and have reacted to each of these ongoing events and have taken steps to further reinforce the protection of you, the player in the community, as well as us, the service providers. We sincerely appreciate their steadfast responsiveness and assistance. Please understand why we cannot make further comment on these events as the investigations are ongoing and require handling with sensitivity and discretion. This is also why the region hosting our store is currently closed to accounts that do not have have payment information on file. Again, these is a precaution to protect the consumers within the platform and ourselves. We do not know when this will be lifted. We appreciate your consideration and patience.

We will be adding Meeroo Homes to the Marketplace. Linden Lab has helped provide us the ability to meet the demand for deliveries of these items as we had initially caused an enormous load upon the marketplace that was affecting performance, but that has been remedied.

On a lighter note, we have officially passed one million meeroos on the grid. Despite the recent banning that took place that removed many, many unauthorized and duplicate Meeroos from operation, we are moving forward with strength. A positive side effect of this situation was that rare meeroos actually became more rare because the numbers resulting from the starter pack "lottery" - which was not intended gameplay - were greatly reduced in this instance as a result of removing exploitative players.

I'd encourage all of you not to be alarmed or concerned as things are finally under control. We are a bit behind in trouble tickets as a consequence of the events recently that required the attention of the entire staff, but now they are working around the clock to make sure each customer is provided the quality care you have the right to expect. Thank you all for excersizing patience. I know sometimes it's not easy.

There are many exciting things on the horizon! Keep watching for an important and exciting notice from three very special (and magical) visitors.