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We have begun to see many wondrous symbols appearing since the re-discovery of the Meeroos. Linguistic specialists of this ancient language, known as "Meerunic" have been working to translate these archaic runes with mixed results and many remain untranslated. Compounding the issue of translation, according to linguists, the symbols have both phonetic and ideographic meaning, however each symbol has a second phonetic value as well. A single character can stand for: two completely different phonetic sounds and an idea or concept. To further compound this symbols can be written in reverse or inverted (upside down), and carry different meanings when written as such. Additionally, it seems that there is not a standard pattern of writing, and examples have been found written right to left, left to right, top to bottom and bottom to top. Many specialists concur that translating the Meerunic language on any given relic is like a new puzzle every time. Perhaps this was entirely the point, some might say that an animal as intelligent, puzzling and curious as the Meeroo would demand no less of their language and it is not a stretch of the imagination to believe that they would have enjoyed this type of problem solving.

The Society of Meerunic Research will be displaying pieces of their engravings collection to the public for education and in hopes for some further aid in fully translating the pieces.