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Calling all you Freakish Fashionistas out there! Do you love your RooU avatar? Even more, do you love dressing them up and are a creative member of our community?! Think you could put your mind behind some knock-out ideas for RooU costumes for Halloween?

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Big Cat Update!!

Now that the dust has settled, I finally got a chance to meet up with Jeff Kremer at Big Cat Rescue and deliver him a nice donation to help out all the amazing animals!

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ps. I'm the one on the left :-D

It should come as no surprise to you all that cats hold a special place in the hearts of most of us on the Meeroos team. It should be even less of a surprise that our very own Mr. Tiger loves them even more than most! That is why this year in honor of his birthday we have decided to host a fundraiser event for one of his favorite cat rescue groups, Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue works very hard to take care of neglected, abused and abandoned big cats. 100% of their donations go directly to the care of their cats and to help stop abuse. Located in Tampa, Fl they have built a big cat sanctuary giving these cute creatures more space to roam then their abusers offered.

We decided to focus on one of their rescues named Amazing Grace. She is an ocelot who was saved in 1996 by BCR. We will have ocelot statues and a paint set available during the fundraiser to help raise awareness to their cause as well as raise much needed funds to keep these cats cared for and safe. For more information about Gracie, please check her out on the web @

We will be having a party to end our fundraising event this Friday with trivia and BCR inspired items. The event will last a week and 100% of the purchases and donations made directly to the specially marked vendors will go to Big Cat Rescue at the end of the event. For more info about BCR please check out their website @

Party Starts: Friday 08/23/2013 @ 12pm Slt & 7pm Slt.

Click to enlargeIt's probably no secret that we here at Meeroos are big animal fans. You kind of have to be to work with these amazing little creatures day in and day out and still be passionate about sharing them with the rest of the world! Everything from our personal RL pets ( Parrots to Horses to Kittens and more), to the majestic animals of the world.

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RFL Weekend Event

It's relay weekend!

Stop on down today & tomorrow to show your support! Don't forget to pick up your free super cute balloon!

You probably weren't aware, but LL has a serious issue with the MP and they aren't paying merchants for every sale. This is a direct hit to our bottom line, and we won't be reimbursed for our losses until we hand verify every MP sale for the last few weeks, which is an undo burden on our staff. So effective immediately our MP items are being deactivated until they can provide a functioning, stable platform for future sales. If you have your own MP store, I strongly urge you to review all your transactions for missing payouts since the new MP payment system went into effect.

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Summer Sale!

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With today being Canada's Birthday and the 4th being the American holiday, we're having a summer sale this week!

The new Genetic trees are 20% off and MeePet honey dippers are 50% off!

The diurnal holiday costumes for Independence and Freedom are available to purchase again, so drop on by and share in the holiday fun!

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“Ancient Meeroo, a case of Black and White”

Dr. Stephen Tungsten, President MPS

*Noms on her party cake* Mmmmm! The best part of Birthday Parties is the CAKE! Second Life's 10th Birthday Celebration has no shortage in sight of cake!

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Come check us out at SL10B. This years theme is "Looking Forward, Looking Back". So, we dug out and dusted off a bunch of concept art, some highlights and milestones for Meeroos® and put it out on display! (There are some pretty spiffy freebies, too!)
Starts: Sunday 06/16/2013 at 1pm SLT (13:00)
Ends: Saturday 06/29/2013

New Diurnal Costume for SL10B !!
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You may have seen this little guy around before, like in our Meeroos® Adventurer Backpack, and we often get questions on this coat. Our SL10B exhibit this year shows the progression of the Meeroos® from early concept art up to where we are now in Chapter Two. We never really had a reason before to release this texture set, because it never fit into the lore with it being the original Ancient coat. This was the very first coat painted by Chimeric for the Meeroos® before even alpha testing. The purpose was to a) have a coat to test the code and b) show off some concept ideas on various markings. It was deemed a little too exciting to be a starter coat for the diurnals at the time, so it never made it as a production coat. But we thought it would be fun to release as a paintset for everyone to enjoy during SL10B!

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I have seen a cat without a grin many times... But, for the first time ever I just saw a grin without a cat @ ROO!!! Our grinning Rooshire Statue is finally out for sale!

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We understand that everyone can't make it to our events sometimes for various reasons and that is why we've decided to offer a few goodies from the past two events again on the ROO sim for a limited time! The Rooshire Paint set and the Home & Garden Expo Plushie and a few other RFL statues are now out @ ROO!


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