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WOW that was fast !!

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Ok I have to say " WOW " .... Jessie Gradenko wasn't kidding. You all know your Meeroos. We took a few back stage bets on how long it would take for this and I think the least amount of time would have been 48 hours. I mean considering I just found out about the eyelids on my adventures, less then 24 hours ago.

Click to enlargeSeasons Greeting and Welcome Winter!

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Community Vote

Click to enlargeDear Community,

Click to enlargeI see you all have been working hard, a community as close and tight knit as this, I knew you could work together. I had no doubt really, that you all could pull this off …… that is why I come to you. I keep getting messages daily…. I am not sure yet from who though. I really don’t know what to make of most of it. So I need to ask for more help.


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