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Can You Believe
It's been 5 years!
We've seen Leo tails
And De Maris Ears.

Some coats are Kois
And Zulus, too
Whispers, Azures and Spirits
Can you imagine the next or two?

Some are from Egypt
Some are from France
Come down to Roo
and Join in the dance.

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SALE!! SALE!! SALE!! Make sure to come on down to Roo sim THIS WEEKEND for our 5th Birthday SALE!!

Starts: Saturday May 14th - 9am SLT

Ends: Sunday May 15th - 12 Midnight SLT

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A Message From Moxie

Good Afternoon Community,

Bring your love, wear your love and help us celebrate Valentine's Day on the Roo sim. There will be music, dancing and a "wear your love" costume contest.

February 13th at NOON SLT till 3 PM SLT.
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Make sure to save the date for our Holiday Party!
Best in Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest!
Awesome tunes with DJ Chanti and our very own Greg singing live!

Don't forget to check out all the Holiday goodies on Roo sim too!


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