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Greetings Everyone,

The community has asked us for a community meeting.

We have spammed our group and subscribe-o-matic for days and days asking for you to place a note card in our mailbox on Roo sim giving us your preferred day of the week and time. To this day, we have received only 9 note cards.
This definitely does not warrant a community meeting if only 9 of you are interested.
If this is all there is, you can send us your questions/concerns and place them in the mailbox and we can answer them with a blog post.
There are over 1000 members in this chat group and over 3000 on our suscribe-o-matic.
We definitely require a bit more response to set up a meeting. Please submit note cards no later than August 26, 2016 so we can pick the day and time that suits the majority of the people. Thank you for your quick response to this Blog.

Meeroo Staff