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A Message From Moxie

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Good Afternoon Community,

Time to clear up rumors. Answer is "YES" I am an Owner in beYou and one of the developers. It has been no secret. I haven't hid it and many of the community have heard about it through the years. A different Team ( not the same coders as Meeroos ) started the beYou project back in Sept 2013. Because Meeroos is my #1 priority, its taking a long time. But I am not the only one working on it so, while I can't be there, others are. We are hoping to tie in some parts of meeroos to beYou in the long run, but I am making no promises. Nor can I tell you how. But I can tell you the exposure and how many new players it could bring to the Meeroos community could only be helpful for all. If you have any questions feel free to send me a notecard xoxooxox- Moxie Polano