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A little surprise for you pre-order program participants - you don't get 1 free gift - but TWO instead.

You'll get a gorgeous golden home for your Meeroos to show off your new family. This home acts just like the stump does normally, but is actual an ancient golden Meeroo statue that fits with our lore, aspects of which will be revealed later on!

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Online Store Sale!

We're so excited about our launch, we're having a sale in the online store!! Click the store link below and use the following coupon code:

This is for the ONLINE store, for mouse pads, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. NOT for lindens in SL

Coupon Code: WOW3Years
Discount: 30% off subtotal of $45+


Hallo Meeroo Famile,

wir wissen, dass unsere europäischen Familienmitglieder Bedenken haben wegen der Zeit der Lieferung für Trunks, HUDs usw und dass sie immer ein paar Stunden Hintenan zu stehen scheinen. Wir verstehen eure Frustration und möchten euch erklären warum wir diese Route gewählt haben.

Hello Meeroo Family,

we know that our European Family members have concerns about the time of delivery for Trunks and HUDs and that they seem to be always a few hours behind others. We understand your frustration and would like to explain to you why we chose this route.


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