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For our European Meeroo Family members

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Hello Meeroo Family,

we know that our European Family members have concerns about the time of delivery for Trunks and HUDs and that they seem to be always a few hours behind others. We understand your frustration and would like to explain to you why we chose this route.

As we have mentioned before, to ensure the stable performance of our servers on launch date, we need to test it in stress situations. Those stress situations *will* occur when most people are online for delivery in Second Life. As much as we would like to deliver the trunks to everyone at the same time, the timezones do not play with that.

The American Evening IS undoubtedly a Peak Time with many many users online. We need to test the sending of the trunks at this peak time to see if our new servers can handle that stress. If they cannot handle it at this time, the delivery of the 'Forever Meeroos' won't be ensured to happen smoothly.

Other Peak times as European, Asian etc. are as important to us, don't think you are less valuable :) So we see at *each* Peak time how our servers behave, and if everything goes smoothly.

Another reason is of course that our dev-team lives on American time and they have Real Life Jobs and other obligations and it would be bad to ask them to be awake around the clock for us :)

Nobody will miss out. You all will get your Trunk and your Meeroos, and you all will have a chance to play with your little Family and test them for us. And with that help us to fix all possible bugs, be it in the HUD, the Meeroos or the server itself. It will take some patience from your side, BUT you are all doing a wonderful job in supporting us and helping us to make the delivery of the "Forever Meeroos" exciting and smooth. Thank you for that :)

- Chandni