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... for one last big encore!

Your Meeroos will be delivered just after 8pm SLT. Here's what we want to see happen to properly stress test the new servers!

8:00pm SLT you can attach your new HUD and collect any HUD update that is available.

8:20pm SLT We will send out Chests as quickly as possible.

Begin unpacking your Chest as quickly as possible! (Remember, do not open the contents and extract to inventory, you'll break it!) Simply click on the Chest and unpack it from the dropdown menu that appears.

We've been aggregating all of your feedback and information over the last few weeks in order to complete one last BIG update to improve the Meeroos experience! We also decided to take one great big step toward safety and simulate another "Launch Condition" scenario to test the brand new servers we've just upgraded too.

Lots to report here on our end!

First off, I'm not pleased with the results of our pummeling the servers. They didn't stand up to our expected standard of performance. On release of Open Beta, may people had database connection errors, blue Meeroos and vanishing content. We also crashed our pre-orders for a bit. On release of the update intended to fix the stump crashes, a small amount of people experienced lost Meeroos and regard points. This is a good thing! This is what we needed to experiment with and see so we resolve all of these issues before launch!

Has your Meeroo spontaneously gone for a wander?

Did you get it back?

Still waiting to get your Meeroo back?

Give us some insight onto how the wander occurred so we can troubleshoot the issue behind the scenes! Thanks guys!

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We've been in open beta for a couple of days now, so I wanted to give you all some insight on what we hope to achieve from this phase of the game and what we've learned!

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Dev Blog

Whew! What an exciting night! Just a quick recap...

Visit the Oracle here:

With you HUD attached, click ONCE on the Oracle, the figure with outspread arms. She will greet you. If nothing appears immediately or if the sim is lagging, you may have to wait for her to respond.

She will respond in GREEN CHAT - a communication between only herself and you. In this she will provide you with a unique key. Now that you have your Key, make sure you keep it in a safe place. This is private and exclusive to you and is your identity on the server! Don't share it with anyone!

I'd like to provide you a little bit of information on what to expect in our upcoming phase of Open Beta! This timeline should help answer some of the questions we've received and clear up any confusion about Pre-Launch orders and Open Beta testing.

Server transfer is complete! Whew! Preorders are back online. Gory details after the break...

So after load testing the application server I wasn't comfortable with the performance numbers I was getting. It was time to bite the bullet and move to a bigger server!! Better now before Open Beta starts, so it runs smooth next week.

And we're taking over!

In Linden Lab's latest event, they've invited residents to create and submit their own colorful Bunny Jams to display on the Bunny Jam Island - AND you can win 5,000 Lindens!

We're taking it a bit further...

We want you to get your free Egg Sculpty here:

Them make your most awesome Meeroo Themed Easter Egg, and send it in! Full details on sending in your eggs are here:


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