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A Thank you From Us & The Meeroos - Kirsten's Viewer Surprise!

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Now that I've had a chance to take care of so many things on my plate today, I didn't want to go to sleep without coming here to blog a little more in detail - and a little more personally, about the Open Beta experience.

Many of you who have been with us throughout, some even since closed beta, and witnessed an incredible evolution and many changes that have improved the Meeroo product. This is the culmination of thousands of hours of work over roughly 9 months - but, for me, 2 years in the stop/start cycle of trying to find a good, reliable development team. Levio and Chimeric have been an incredible blessing to me. They are each so gifted, beyond brilliant and at the very top of their respective field. There is not, on the face of the plant, two people I'd rather be on this adventure with than those two right there. The Malevay Studios team has also grown to include our CSR team, led by Support Manager Toxic Menges, our CSR's Allison Bluebird, Chandni Khondji, Irish Crystal, Mehgan Southmoor, Malichai Muse, Silvy Dean and Allatu Augustus have spent well above and beyond their required time in-world because of their unfailing dedication and commitment to you, the users.

And our community, that you, have met us with open arms. So many of you have provided us unwavering support and encouragement as we weathered the trials of Beta. Levio scoured code seeking our and squashing bugs that you found, Chimeric enthusiastically responded to your needs and requests for cosmetic changes, and I listened to your discussions in the forums, on third party blogs, on social networks... and I took notes on what you liked, and what simply wasn't working. All the while, you were patient and understanding. Without you, we would not have achieved the level of quality we have today. Thank you for taking the time to provide your notecards, personal IM's and forum posts containing your feedback. Every single one of you who did so was critical to our progress, and you will remain an active part of our ongoing development. You will always have our ear - and our gratitude.

That said, release is not the end.

Release is the beginning of a magnificent, long term reveal of stories, lore and mystery that await your discovery. We're not making things up as we go along: The Meeroos have undergone a highly sophisticated story development well before we entered technical development. The Meeroos culture will impact how you play the game, and it will even take you to places you never imagined in the style of play. With what has been revealed in Beta, please know, you've not even scratched the surface.

That said, a little surprise for you! The day before our official public launch - the 20th of May, the popular Kirsten's Viewer will showcase on it's login page the photograph of a Meeroo in the wild, a species never seen before! In fact... there may be more than one!

If you're interested, make sure you download Kirsten's Viewer here:

And check in on the 20th to catch the first glimpse of a rare species.