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***UPDATE EDIT 5*** 2:17pm We have now been in communication with Linden Lab who has mobilized to to help us recover. As you may already know, food is now available on the Marketplace at out storefront here:

Two avatars appeared today, both impersonating our Asset Manager whose name is Meeroos Resident (Many of you know her, she is, in fact, multiple people, sometimes even me!)

Well, the two avatars impersonating her, named appropriately:

Meer00s Resident and Meero0s Resident.

managed to come to the store where the build permission is off, and they built invisible mock vendors to place over the authentic ones in order to intercept payments made to them. At this point, we have no idea how they managed to build an object on a no build sim. We are investigating it.

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Game Exploits & More

So since the beginning of July, we were tipped off to a player who had been committing a series of exploits with the Meeroos. We had been conducting a stealth investigation, monitoring activity, watching the hands that Meeroos originating from this player passed through, who they were passed too, and how frequently they were committing the action. We were also able to tell who else connect to this exploit ring were conducting this behavior.

EDIT: The meepet was designed to work like this, It will always only work if the meeroo is on a home owned by its owner. The instructions have been added in a box next to the Mee-Pet Honey Dipper.

Currently the MeePet Transformation will only work if your Meeroo is attached to a stump you own. This is due to the fact that a Meeroo home owned by another user can not (recreate) rez your Meeroo. The same as how us CSRs can only return a lost Meeroo to only your Meeroo home.

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The Auto Petter


We've been made aware of an Auto Petter currently on the marketplace created by a resident. While amazingly creative residents have made companion tools for the Meeroos in the past, the recently released Auto Petter is the first one that has broken our Terms of Service to achieve it's function. Unfortunately, for the object to have been created, our Official Meeroo HUD had to be disassembled and the scripts removed and repurposed entirely in a new object.

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hey gang, i see a lot of questions people are asking over and over, so let me try to quickly clear up somethings for you! (More...)

buying based on regard? it's actually going to be based on your level. it won't reduce your regard/levels, just a minimum requirement to be met. expect more things around this concept in the future.

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Status of the game!

Buckle in friends, I have lots to report this morning! I'd like to begin by thanking all of you who have cared enough to share with us your thoughts, concerns, experiences and suggestions both here on the blog and on the forums. You are indeed helping shape the game, and as stated from day one, we're always listening... especially to those of you who leave constructive critical feedback!

Now onto the good stuff.

Catherine posted about a bunch of changes made last week, but she left out one important change. Starters were changed to include fewer rare traits. However, it was still taking the player's regard into account when generating the starter so high level players were still pulling a rare trait from a starter in rare instances. Of course, when this did happen they made sure the entire world knew about it, upsetting the rest of the player base. (More...)

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The Roadmap

Many of you frequent readers already know about initial things coming soon, such as the Primbie Bird and the highly anticipated Mee-Pet option. I wanted to spend some time with you this morning to discuss some other plans on our roadmap so that you know the direction the game is headed in. We will see new editions and improvements coming to World Of Meeroos and internally we have a roadmap of milestones.

"The Primbie Bird Flew to and fro
eyes to the ground
looking for glow.
The Primbie Bird hunted best
close to the ground
far from her nest.
The Primbie Birds loved nothing more
than to sing with joy
from the forest floor."
-Poem from the Anthropologists journal.

This ink had all but vanished, worn with time. It took considerable efforts to decipher some broken text on the back on page 225 of the Anthropologists Journal, but thanks to some dedicated eyes, we were able to determine what it said.


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