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Moving Forward!

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It's been quite a weekend here, for all of us at Malevay Studios and our wonderful community around Meeroos. We know this has been a challenging time that has been both frustrating and often discouraging, but I am pleased that we have weathered this storm and have arrived on the other side. Linden Lab and Malevay Studios have been working together to remove fraudulent content from the grid in order to restore confidence to Meeroo Parents. As always, you are our number one priority, and with Linden Lab we have taken the required steps to reduce the threats that have been plaguing us.

We have been proactive in dealing with avatars and accounts that attempt to mislead players by using variations of Official Meeroo Staff names.

We have placed food on the marketplace where players are guaranteed access to 100% authentic Meeroos food from the Official World Of Meeroos storefront located here:

We have had staff moderating the Roo region 24/7, keeping a watchful eye to be certain no malicious content appears. Because many of the offenders were one day old Avatars, we have restricted the regions access to only those with payment information on file. We recognize some of you have opted out of this, and thus we have utilized every avenue available to us so that you are always guaranteed access to authentic products. The Marketplace is both convenient and safe!

Linden Lab is aware of the exploit used to build on land whose permissions prohibit it, and have ensured us they are tackling this immediately to ensure this type of activity does not take place and to protect consumers and businesses alike.

As indicated previously, the blocking of Meeroos Resident by Linden Lab was a mistake. This occurred when they were compiling the data (and all those similar names!) on the offending Avatars and the funds that filtered through them during their investigation in the wee small hours.

As always, we've got your back and we will continue to work diligently to ensure that your time in Second Life with your Meeroos remains undisrupted and fun!

We appreciate the patience displayed by so many of you. The kind words and outpouring of support have been both encouraging and moving, and it only reinforces what a strong community we are so fortunate to have with us. Many of you have contributed immensely by reporting suspicious content and helping us report counterfeit objects. We are very, very grateful! From all of us here, thank you for you for extending us your trust.

Now it's time to move forward as soon, after we complete our organization of our Marketplace storefront, we will be continuing production on the upcoming Chapter Two Meeroos Expansion! Also, the Meeroo Alphabet is about to give you puzzle lovers a fantastic challenge! So, put on those thinking caps!

I dare not forget to mention the impending arrival of some friends with a very important message regarding those earthquakes. They seem to have something to say and are only a few miles away. Soon they will be at the store to tell all.

All this, including the Hair trait displayed on your HUD! A sneak peek at an Eye that awaits a reveal! And more...

Game on, friends.