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Aaaaaaaand the lil Elf Roos have finally finished sewing up all the cute little holiday costumes! Direct link to the winter area in Roo here:

WHAT: WW of Meeroos Breedable Pet Show Q&A Session at RFL

WHEN: Thursday, December 8th @ 11am SLT

WHO: Tiger, Chimeric confirmed. Hopefully Catherine and Moxie will make it. Oh and most importantly... YOU !!!


Happy Holidays!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the new holiday content and yes, the costumes are still being sewn up!


Lately we have released quite a bit of new content, on top of a some old latent traits that are now all working their way out, and we've seen a lot of new exciting things popping out across the grid. (Read more)

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Meeroos will be present at the SL Christmas 2011 Expo this year supporting Relay for Life there. There is a special area featuring all the popular breedables sponsored by The Breeders Borough.

Also, there is an Avi Choice Awards going on right now here:

You may find a few new UNDISCOVERED items in it... Enjoy the holidays!

UPDATE: These are Diurnals. They will come from your existing 'Roos for free.


This time of year, for me, has always been a time of reflection and introspect, as I'm sure it is for so many. Thanksgiving is, I understand, primarily in the United States and Canada, but the definition and purpose for it transcends geography. Being Thankful is the reason for the day; honoring the people who have contributed positively to your life, and being grateful for the blessings that have found their way to you.

Let me try to clear up some things for everyone on the dreaded DB errors and resulting chaos known as "Baby Ready" nests... (Read more)

This generic "DB Error" is really a catch all for a large array of various problems, it usually is some network outage between LL servers and ours, and randomly clears up as mysteriously as it arrived. So if you get one of these errors, what do you do?

Tonight's blog post comes to you in three parts! (Read more)

Outage: Our hosting provider suffered another wacky outage when a cluster of 4 DNS servers all failed and the remaining servers buckled under the load for ~40mins just a bit ago. /sigh We are hosted at Rackspace and are paying top $$$ for what's supposed to be 1000% up time, but then there is always Murphy's Law. Grrrrrr!!

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Upcoming Info

Lots of stuff in the works over here at our studios. I talked about much of it at the Sacred Tome awhile back, but I felt it best to get it all down in writing here on the blog, since I know not everyone got a chance to listen to that talk. (More)


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