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Rare coats, mutations, and rumors

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Lately we have released quite a bit of new content, on top of a some old latent traits that are now all working their way out, and we've seen a lot of new exciting things popping out across the grid. (Read more)

I don't want to give out too much about the genetics and mutations, but it should be pretty obvious when we release new content that wasn't there for months, that it comes in through a mutation and obviously neither parent had any of the genes previously because they didn't even exist before. So it is not suspicious that when a "New Dawn" comes from whatever parents it had, that's just the way it works.

Unfortunately, a lot of rumors have begun floating around about the fairness of the distribution of new coats/traits. Rest assured, we take such allegations very seriously and I do investigate them *IF* we're supplied with actionable information. When people spread these rumors in chat or file tickets claiming things like "I heard one person found 4 new coats" well there's nothing I can do without a name or even better the ID# of a Roo. Also, by repeating rumors like this, you're only creating more FUD in the very market you think you're trying to protect.

I have investigated several reports over this week and over all, I've found that these have been purely rumors, that are immediately dispelled once the truth is uncovered, or just a lucky mutation. I'm not going to conclusively say that there isn't a rare bug or glitch in the DNA at this point, but I have not seen any evidence of that or someone intentionally cheating/exploiting the system.

It is our company policy to not reveal personal information about one player to another, so if you report a person/Roo to us, do not expect to hear anything back about it. It's not that we're blowing you off or ignoring your report, it's that if a player is indeed found cheating, we will deal with the situation privately with them. I'm sure you wouldn't want us telling them who reported them either.

Please if you think you have a case we need to look into, file a ticket and provide as much concrete data as possible.

FYI, I'm disabling comments for this blog post so people aren't tempted to publicly report anything here.