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Meeroos Web API

There is a new web API ready for testing. Third parties who scrape our site for data will be expected to convert their processes over to using this API to reduce load on our servers once it's ready for production use. After a grace period, any IP addresses found still scraping data the old ways will be blocked.

Interested parties should contact Levio Serenity in world for access to this API.


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Berries are Red and Berries are Blue,
And that’s what I feed my cute little Roo,

When he stands on his legs, arms up and apart,
My heart melts when he emotes all those hearts.

We snuggle, we laugh, we love to play,
Then fast asleep at the stump at the end of the day,

Please write a poem about your Meeroo,
We want you to enter the Contest, too!

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Tome Updates!

Many of you have undoubtedly noticed some changes going on the Tome, so let me explain!

First, the tome has been name for Vashara, since this is where your existing Roos under her guidance are described. You might surmise from this that Orlex will indeed be getting a new tome of his own.

Hi all,

Our Refund and Exchange policy has been revised and updated to include current and future content. Much of it is exactly the same with a couple of critical changes, that being the limitation of exchanges we can make during a purchase session. I'll explain a little about this.

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Come on out to Roo for the rest of the Valentine items! (Read more)

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Bloggy Post!

Todays update comes in four parts! (Read more)

I forgot to mention a new feature in the new V2.0 nests. You can long click them to pull back all their details from the DB just like long clicking a live roo. So if a nest has pink & blue flowers, try it out!

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Come on out to Roo for the latest holiday goodies!

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V2.0 Script Update FAQ

I'm sure there will be tons of questions about the update just released, so I will try to maintain a FAQ here and update as more questions arrive. (Read more)

Q: Does this mean Nocturnals are coming? A: This script update is indeed part of the work needed to bring out the Nocs, but no, we haven't announced pre-orders for Nocs yet.

Q: Is this update mandatory? A: Yes, although there is not currently a deadline set, there will be eventually.

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The V2.0 Script Update has been released! You can pick up an updater kit for 10 homes on the Marketplace for free here:

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Winners have been announced!!! (Read more)


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