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Halloween Party

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Sunday October 29,
12noon SLT - 2pm SLT
Halloween Costume Contest
DJ Chanti will be djing

Location will be announced this week

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Game of Graves!

Click to enlargeThe time has come, the spirits are restless. You can hear the sounds of the night, see the horrors the season has brought upon us. Be careful where you tread, keep your eyes wide open as there is much around you to be found and fear.
Halloween Game of Graves Meeroos / beYou Game.


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The moon rose between the ominous peeks of a towering mountain range. A single path twisted its way through the snow covered knolls, dead grass waving in the silent wind like dancing omens. Upon the trail a shimmering figure walked alone, each footstep echoing in suspense, her stride purposeful.

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Mark your calendars for June 4 from 12 noon SLT till 2 PM SLT to come to ROO and help us all celebrate Meeroos 6th Birthday !! DJChanti will be spinning the tunes and there will be lots of dancing and fun times !! Never know if there will be a surprise or not, so make sure you attend !!!

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The time has come, grab your luggage, get your gear and let's travel! ALL ABOARD!

Meeroos and our partner beYou are excited to be a part of RFL this year! We have many new and creative items to share with our communities, and for a wonderful cause!

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RFL Sneak Peek!

Just wait and see all the wonderful things in store for RFL, all for a great cause! Here is just a small peek at something we've been working on!Click to enlarge

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Spring is here!

Spring is here and May is a month packed with events and holidays for a lot of us. We have Cinco De Mayo, Mothers day, Memorial Day, Our 6th Birthday, Moxie's RL daughters wedding, Games, RFL and other worldly events. Many of us will be Busy Bees this month so we have made the decision to move our Meeroos 6th year Birthday celebration to June 4th. More details on The Birthday and other events for May and June to come.

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Roses are Red (not pink)
Violets are Blue (not pink)
Love is sweet
and so are you !!

Come on down and help us celebrate the Holiday of Love. Grab your best friend and come on down and dance with us ! Can't wait to see you there !

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Oh, so pretty !! Think Jessie is going to like these A LOT !!


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