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Elemental 5 Matron of fire .........

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Click to enlargeOrlex was surprised they had made it so fast. It was one thing to teleport, but to be carried by the wind, this was one ride he would not soon forget. As she had promised, The Matron of Wind had deposited him right where he asked, in the center of the islands at the base of Kohala. Looking around, he saw the opening to a cave, walked in, and picked the place he thought looked familiar and began to use the axe. He dug for what seemed forever, and only stopped once during his laborious task. Just when he thought he could lift the axe not one more time, he hit something that was very hard. He picked it up with both hands and looked it over. Yes, he thought, this is it. The heart of the volcano that had laid dormant for so many centuries. Now it was found, yet it laid cold and lifeless in his hands.

Orlex whisted for the Matron of Wind to come and stand by him. “What does this do?” she whispered. Orlex looked at her and said “I will need your assistance on waking it up dear Matron.” Surprised, she looked at him “Me?” she whispered excitedly. “What can I do?” Orlex raised the ax high over his head and gave it one last hit. The stone cracked open and out fell two stones. On one of the stones, near the middle, there was a faint red glow. A glow so faint you would not have even seen it had it not been night. Orlex saw that the other stone lay dormant. Orlex gently laid the “warm” stone on the ground, he then placed the cold stone in the satchel for safekeeping. Orlex looked up at the Matron of Wind and said “Now. Blow onto this stone, it needs life!. We must feed the ember to burn once again. Hurry, before it fades.”

The Matron began blowing steady amounts of wind at the stone. Almost instantly the ember caught fire and began to burn. Orlex quickly placed tinder on the small flame from the satchel, pulled out his whistle and began blowing. The fire became very large, much larger than one would expect. The Matron of Wind shielded her face from the intense heat, and was very surprised to lookup and see a form burning brightly into the night. Yet another force of nature had awoken. Orlex and the Matron bowed down in respect to the the Matron of Fire. She was once again alive and burning bright for all to see.

Orlex and Wind looked upon The Matron of Fire in awe. She was a siren, a beauty beyond words. Heat radiated off of her like the sun in the sky was now within reaching distance. The power and energy that laid dormant for so many years was erupting involuntarily as she regained her strength. Once it subsided, she was able to finally speak with a voice so faint you could barely hear her. “Thank you for my awakening.” She whispered “It has been many centuries since I have been in this form.” She looked around her, closed her eyes and absorbed the freedom which now surrounded her. “I am glad that you have freed us, glancing at her pixie, Char, and freed us of the bonds that have held us for so long. I am indebted to you both.” Standing, she shook off the last of the flames that had once engulfed her. Orlex looked upon her with admiration. So powerful, yet so vulnerable at the same time. The give and take of this world was never forgiving.

Wind looked at the other elemental. “You burnt so brightly, it is amazing you did not exhaust yourself.” Fire smiled at her and said “With you around, I can never really die as you feed my soul with the oxygen that I need desperately to survive, and for that I am eternally grateful.” Wind blushed slightly and giggled “Hush, we all need each other.” Fire nodded in agreement “Yes we do, and what may I ask are you in need of Orlex?” Orlex smiled at the two eternal beings and sighed heavily. “Later.” He stated as he motioned for them to sit. “Rest, we have much to do and we are still much too weary.” They all sat in silence absorbing as much of the energy as they could. Nobody talked, they simply could not waste any power, only Char had the energy to fly around excitedly.

Once they had all rested. Orlex told them of the plans he had in store for them. Both were ready for the challenge and eager to start. Orlex looked at Fire and asked “We cannot transport you and your pixie in your true forms. It will be much easier, and safer, for us to have you both return to your former state. Have you rested enough to regain your human form once again when we need your help?” Fire and Char both nodded in agreement. Looking around Fire, quietly asked “Orlex, I was only one of two stones, do have it.?” “Yes Matron, I have your faithful steed in my pocket, he is safe and sound.” Fire looked relieved “Yes, RooElliot, like *Troo and Char, they are all very much a part of me, I could not bear to lose them, I thank you.” She closed her eyes, bowed her head, and engulfed in flames so hot that she had reverted back into the orb. Orlex gently picked her up and placed her into the satchel. It was time. “Where to?” Wind asked. Orlex smiled and replied. “To Roo of course. Let us begin the last leg of this journey.” With nary a sound, they were whipped high into the sky once again.

Orlex walked past them and stood before a rock wall covered in vines. “Come.” he motioned the others “We must go meet with the Matron of Ice, she is the next step in our journey.”
To be continued......