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News News News!

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SO many things going on right now in the Wonderful World of Meeroos! We thought a blog post on all of it would be the best way to let you all, our amazing community know what's new!

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Happy Autumnfest!

We wanted to take this special time of year, especially, to thank each and every one of you, our amazing Meeroo family for all of your love and support over the years. All of you are what make this community and the Meeroos the wonderful little creatures they are and we are so thankful for all of you.
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We sure hope you had as much fun as we did. The entries were wonderful and the voters came out in droves. Thank you to all that entered and voted.

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Congratulations to the winners !!!

Come on down to ROO and check out this pic for more information on the contest. Rules and dates are on the notecard.

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Click to enlarge (Make sure to check out our stall in the loading area to pick up our free goodie!)

This year the Meeroos® team will be participating in the Samhain Autumn faire by Ebudae Events! The event features many different vendors and even a few other breedables all showcasing Halloween and fall themed wares and attire with most items L$100 or less. The event starts 10/19/13 and ends on 10/31/13. We have an awesome cute free gift and some cute discounted things for 100L!

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Start Date: Saturday, 10/19/13
End Date: Thursday, 10/31/13

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(sneak peak of our freebie!)

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Everyone loves their frightfully cute RooU's, and at this time of year dressing them up is more fun than you can shake a broom-stick at! To help you gear up for costume greatness, we're having a Spook-tacular Special Vendor Fair!!

Oh no! Our helper roos seemed to dropped our candy filled pumpkins all over the grid this year when we asked them to help us decorate, those silly roos!

If you'd like to help us recover all of our missing pumpkins, we're willing to reward you with a prize!

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We're having a grid wide Pumpkin Hunt October 1-31 2013. The fun starts @ ROO where you pick up your cauldron before starting your journey to recover our lost candy filled pumpkins. Once you finish discovering them all you return to ROO to collect your prize!

Hunt Start Date: 10/01/2013
Hunt End Date: 10/31/2013
More Info/Start Area:

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After arriving on the Isle of Meeroo origin, I hadn't had long to explore before I realized there was something very different going on here. First was the sudden plethora of collections of this and that that the Diurnal Meeroos were coming up with as they roamed the island. That put my thoughts in the direction of getting the Meeroo's that had traveled with me settled into their own spaces so I could observe what else they might find on this enchanted isle, and that's when I noticed that the Nocturnals that had arrived with us were nowhere to be seen.

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Ahoy there!

Ahoy there mateys!

Thank you all for coming out and making our Talk Like A Pirate day parties amazing! Despite first mate Tiger somehow managing to not only sink our ship but also set it on fire, we were still able to get 24 treasure chests off of it in time for pirate trivia! We hope you all enjoy your Pollys! There were soooo many beautiful costumes there, which made choosing the top pirate costume even harder! It is no wonder our first party had a tie for best costume.

12pm costume contest winners:
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The bonny lasses Wilma & Zoephia!

7pm costume contest winner:
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The Dreaded Captain Rick!

There was fun, the finest imported Ambroosia we could plunder free flowing all night and treasure to be had for all! We hope you all had as much fun as we did and we can't wait to see you again at the next party!

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Captain Mewwy


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