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Come out from behind the shadows and show us your supernatural ghastly talents!!! Come to the ROO sim and make sure to grab the rules from the poster as
**the completion dates differ from the pumpkin carving contest.
Let your imagination run away with you !!!

Happy Creating!!

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This is going to be SPOOKTACULAR !!! Come to the ROO sim and grab the rules from the poster. Be safe when carving but let your imagination run away with you !!!

Have fun !

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How would you like to win 2 hours with the infamous Levio (Tiger) Serenity. Just think of all the questions you could ask him and possibly get some inside information (winks).

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Only to be sold during Joe Ellis Trust Fund charity events.

Come on down and get your statue and special paint set

ALL proceeds from the sales go directly to the Joe Ellis Trust Fund.

Hurry while they last!

Working with the roo community we have put together a series of changes to the WWoM genetic panels.

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You are all invited to a skateboard themed party on the 18th of July from 12 - 4pm SLT on the Roo Sim. Dance to the sound of 3 different Dj's ?? Contest for "best in skateboarding"
A flash sale statue donated by Moxie! Some bid boards with kindly donated items on them! We also have some amazing skateboards available,

Thank you to cris for bringing this to our attention, and thank you to Estella for explaining to everyone. For those that did not hear Estella's explanation, here it is.....

Estella Mystagic (mystagic): no code is changed, it was a tome mistake, the vulpine tail was always meant to be a complement to the vulpine head that also is on pure borns, nothing strange happening here, just a mistake in the tome that is corrected.

so very sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.


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