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Click to enlargeDear Community,
Seems we have a few different opinions amongst the community with the side games we added. We want to hear from you. We decided to take a poll as the community seems to be divided on a few issues pertaining to this. Cut n Paste below, to a new note card .. Fill out ….Title Card Meeroos Voting Card .... And then send to Masquerade Ball or put the note card in the mail box at the Roo Sim. If you return your note-card by Nov , 3 2015 you will receive a Goodie. Thank you ……. Moxie

You will add an X next to the answer you choose
Example on how to vote:

Do you love Moxie Polano ?
No - ( )
Yes - ( X ) ( see how this has a X )


1 Do You enjoy playing mystery games and games of discovery ?
Yes - ( )
No - ( )

2. Pick 1 answer below
a. I only like games that come with instructions ( )
b. I like to play games if they don’t take me long to play ( )
c. I like to play games of mystery and discovery ( )
d. I like to play games that come with all instructions and don’t take long to play ( )
e. I like to play Mystery / Discover games and don’t mind that they take a bit to figure out ( )
f. I don’t like to play games at all ( )

3. Ancient Meeroos Nest is like a Starter Nest - how do you feel about this idea.
a. I don’t think Nest should be given away or for sale that start a new species ( )
b. I think Nest should be gifts or for sale or if we could trade in old nest for them would be good. ( )
c. I think it is ok for a game that people work hard at to produce a Starter Nest ( )
d. Both B and C ( )

4. Games
a. I think community games create to much conflict with the community ( )
b. I think more community games would help the community grow ( )
c. I think individual games would be better ( )
d. I think a balance of community games mixed with individual games would be best ( )
e. No games No games No games ( )

5. Special Coat Nest like the “ Clover “ .
a. Its not fair for people to receive any special coat nest for any reason. ( )
b. Special coat nest are ok because the coat cant pass ( )
C Stick to Paint Sets only ( )

a. Masquerade Balls humor isn’t amusing ( )
b. Masquerade Ball is way to hard on Poor little Moxie ( )
c. Masquerade Ball should give Moxie a Vacation ( )
d. Moxie made me work was to hard on the game, lets tar and feather her ( )
e. all of above ( )

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