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Hi all. Once again we're have fraudulent food appear in world and on the marketplace. Please only purchase your items from the links above, which will take you to our store in Second Life or to the only official marketplace storefront. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for all of your reports!

The last couple of days have been pretty eye-opening here for us at Malevay Studios. We certainly expected some to be unhappy that we were taking a stance on the content stolen from us and how it was being used, but we were genuinely surprised to see the responses. We've heard everything from "You killed your game" and "It's all your fault," to cheers and applause for taking a stand against theft. It's been quite a roller coaster! We knew people enjoyed the opportunity to break the tedium of petting. Petting, it must be stated, was never intended to be a massive chore. It was an option.

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Auto Petter Update FAQ

A lot of you have had questions and we've been reading! Thank you for taking the time to offer us feedback and share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. I'm including this FAQ to elucidate on some of the statements made.

QUESTION: Are you banning the auto-petter because you didn't make yours first?

Beginning with the arrival of a new EULA on Monday, Auto-Petters are being deemed illegal content. The topic of the Autopetter (Which was created distinctly as a griefer device aimed at impacting our game) has caused significant development headaches. We understand many of you think the device is harmless, or even an asset to your game.

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7 Stones have risen

Our dryad meeroos have brought some enchantment with them. They have aligned themselves at the four points of the compass and 7 great rune etched stones have appeared from deep underground. Each stone is unique and encrusted with differnt color gems, and when you tap them, the seem to make individual sounds. We're going to need your help understanding this puzzle, friends, but it is critical we do so to understand their message. This week, we'll be sending each of you these stones. But they must be rezzed in the company of your dryads in order to work properly.

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A quick update!

Well, the dryads are here and we're hard at work piecing together their parchment for deciphering. We'll need your help! Keep warching this week for the first of the puzzles these meeroos are sure to present us!

The Dryads will arrive at 9pm SLT (PST) Midnight EST

There will be more than one location for the vendor. We will annouce the second location when we re-open.

The delivery is random. You are not guaranteed any specific Meeroo when purchasing. You can try more than one if you do not get what you wanted or trade with friends!

They will be available through September 20th and then gone forever.

***IMPORTANT*** Upon purchase you will be delivered a WHITE PILLAR that appears empty. It's Not! This pillar says:


The trembling of the Earth grew still. A quiet fell, unsettling, like the dawn after a violent storm. The Second Great War Imzareen had ended. The surviving Men, now too few in numbers, had retreated back to their homelands. The battlegrounds upon which battles were fought was now scarred and burning- it would for years after.

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Tickets & Wait Time!

Some of our customers have been waiting a long time to have their tickets responded to, and this is never any good! We try hard to have a reasonable turn around when it comes to tickets, but the last database outage caused sent the numbers of people waiting into the stratosphere!


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