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The Pet-O-Matich Schematic

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Researchers exploring the South Pacific Island have stumbled upon a unique page of the Anthropologists Diary. It seems to be a schematic, detailing the usage of common materials washed ashore by shipwrecks. Apparently, he understood that Meeroos were affectionate beings and enjoyed being pet, but often times, the task was too tasky! So the clever Anthropologist created his own Pet-O-Matic!

The issue he seemed to have the most problem with on the deserted island was, quite unexpectedly, power. Without power to automate the gears, it wouldn't budge!

Fortunately for him, the remote island was no stranger to wicked thunderstorms, so from the top of the highest cliff, he erected lightening rods and used old, rather archaic batteries from the shipwreck cargo. He managed to harness nature in order to charge the batteries. Some charged fully, making MEGA Batteries! Some received less charges resulting in fewer pets per day. Ultimately, he managed to achieve his task.

Today, researchers have reconstructed the mechanism, and have made available these special lightning charged batteries for Meeroo Parents around the globe!

Enjoy the Pet-O-Matic!