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Some Tidbits

The V3.0 script update has gone off pretty smooth so far, but there have been a few items reported, and I'll cover them here. More...

Primbie doesn't seem to be jumping up on the V3.0 homes, if you leave him out he should still hop around and find treasures for you, just not perch on top of the homes as before. There is another issue with Primbie occasionally popping over to <0, 0, 0> on people's sims, so looks like it's really time to get a Primbie update out there!

And V3.0 is finally live! Yes, this is the last step before we can begin taking pre-orders! This is a mandatory update whether or not you plan on breeding Nocturnals with us in the future. It has quite a few fixes including one for sim idling, so you really want to update!!

We had to create a new account for business purposes, and it is named Nocturnals Resident. We are beginning the process of transitioning things over to this new account. More...

We wanted to let you know today, so starting tomorrow when you start seeing things appear under this new Nocturnals account, you know they are legitimately from us and not a scammer.

You should get your new V3.0 HUD delivered to you sometime in the next 24 hours. You don't even have to leave your house! Whenever you login to SL or reattach your HUD, and it's been over 24 hours since it last checked, it will check again and a new one will be sent from our servers. Please make sure you accept and not decline it. If you never get anything, you should double check to make sure you haven't muted me (Levio Serenity) in world (yes, it has happened!) or you can drop by the Roo sim and get one for free. More...

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V3.0 Rollout Roadmap

Over the next few days to few weeks, you can expect the following things described in this post. I'm hesitant to give exact dates because a lot of this is entirely on me at this point and if there are any glitches, I'll have to stop and address them before we can proceed to the next step.

Please keep in mind this post is meant to be a general overview, I'm not going into expansive details on each step, as each piece goes live I'll provide an in depth blog post with all the stuff you'll need to know. (More...)

It should have been clear to everyone by now that over the course of the last year, as every roo's DNA got more and more intermingled it was becoming easier and easier to uptrait to new coats. As a result, they would not hold their value on the secondary market as long. In hindsight, I think I wished I had tried to make a change to address this months ago, but I was hesitant to ever tweak something I knew would influence the secondary market. Some players are happy when traits are harder to get, and others very unhappy, so it's a very tricky balancing act.

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Server Update Today

To prepare for the upcoming script update, hud update, web site update, and nocturnals, the backend server code base is getting an upgrade. While I often make minor incremental changes to the servers without an announcement, it's usually just minor tweaks or bug fixes that don't warrant one. However, today is definitely different!

Click to enlargeIt's a 24 hour sale at Roo in honor of my RL bday!

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Orlex decided an old worn trunk (albeit still magical) wasn't befitting of his 'roos and will be delivering his in a magical geode! More...

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RFL is an amazing charity that we've tried to support every chance we could since we launched Meeroos. We are very proud to tell you, yesterday they gave us an award for being the 2012 #1 business supporter! Of course, it's not really for us, its for all the wonderful Meeroo caregivers who bought things at our RFL events!


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