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Click to enlargeFound Journal Page:

I have managed to compile all tablets into one place and have them set out in an area next to the Preservation Society .
After further research I had come to the conclusion we must figure out these Runics.
Looking Back at the Elemental Lore in part one -
( Closing his eyes he began to form a plan. This time he also would need the assistance of four others.
The chosen ones. All as old as time itself. Combined, the six of them could complete the task at hand..
They had to. First he would have to find Vashara and make amends. He also needed to check on the humans
as they had been given many years to decipher the ancient language.
Had they learned enough? Orlex had certainly hoped so as it was desperately needed.
The elemental stone was beginning to grow warm. )

The members back here at the Isle have discovered a few clues.... Noticing Symbols before runics start. Must have some sort of meaning, But we haven’t studied the runics enough to know. The staff and I are calling it Meerunic. Note: Call society and see if they can send community members out to search for more Runics. If they find them soon we can start to find the meanings. Seems to be 3 kinds of linguistic behaviors. Many are different and seem to have more then one meaning. Note: The Necklaces and the whistle that was found, might give us more clues.
........ I also found a lost page from a different book. Minions have never been mentioned before and I am extremely intrigued. We are going to set out today, back to the area where this page was found. I hope today the weather holds up, because of all the ground fog its been hard to search.

Notes about Hud:
After reading the Journal pages the Society has spent weeks making some helpful tools for the Community. This Meerunic Hud will help keep track of the found runics. Keep the runics safe as the society can't be responsible for lost runics.

The completion of the game will depend on players finding all of the runics. Once all of the Runics are found a special gift and a Book for the community's hard work will be delivered.


Note from Society -
We've discovered Runic sightings all over.. there have been sightings at other sims and main land.... So not just at the Isle ..... Looking near places where Meeroos gather seems to be working best.